Ticket To Love by Donna JayTicket To Love by Donna Jay is a sweet, slow-burn, age gap romance about daring to be yourself, finding love in the most unexpected places and learning to embrace new experiences.

When one door closes, another one opens…

Tara’s entire world was thrown off-kilter when her mother walks in on her and her girlfriend during a piping-hot, lovemaking session. Her mother is already disgusted by the fact that Tara is a lesbian and she demands that Tara either get professional therapy or she will have to go to New Zealand and live with her aunt.

Kathryn is the epitome of cool, calm and collected but from the moment she laid eyes on Tara—her neat and ‘keeping everyone at arm’s length’ kind of life is over. Kathryn is drawn to Tara even though she knows that nothing good can come from her attraction to this younger woman.

When it comes to love, there are no boundaries. Tara and Kathryn put up quite a struggle but they eventually succumbed to Cupid’s arrows but their budding relationship is tested by old family secrets, emotional baggage and bizarre personality traits.

Will Kathryn and Tara’s new relationship be able to withstand the heartbreaking issues they have to deal with? 

The Characters

Tara James is an apprentice mechanic. She has a long standing love affair with grease and wheels. I would love to hang out with Tara because she can lighten any somber occasion with her unique wisecracks and laid back manner. Trust me, there were many times in this story where I felt as though I was constantly shaking my head and chuckling at Tara’s humorous antics.

Kathryn Woodcock is the office manager of a car dealership. Kathryn is the goddess of routine and order. She is also a wizard of spreadsheets and anything to do with numbers. My heart melted as soon as I noticed Kathryn’s cute OCD tendencies because I happen to be a huge fan of having everything in the same spot and just like Kathryn, I pay attention to the smallest details (If Kathryn was a real person, I’m pretty sure we’d be giving each other the highest of fives right now…)

The Writing Style

This is a well written romance between two women who couldn’t be more different like oil and water and I must say that this author brought Tara and Kathryn to life for me. There are so many things that I love about this story—I enjoyed the witty banter between the characters, the scenarios were realistic and they tugged on my heartstrings and the BDSM scenes had me rushing to my bathroom to take several cold showers.

The Pros

Besides enjoying the beautiful descriptions of Wellington in New Zealand, I really adore the cover of this book! By the way, don’t you think it’s awesome when you come across a story with a main character who shares a lot of your quirky tendencies? Well, this story did not disappoint because if I had to be a fictional character, without a doubt I would definitely be Kathryn.

The Cons

I can’t complain because I loved every word of this delightful story.

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

Any story that has the ability to make me feel as though the characters are my dearest friends will get the coffee cup honor. This is the highest honor any book lover can bestow on an author and their story and this book certainly deserves it (You’re probably wondering what this honor means but just think about it—I spent a sleepless night devouring this lovely story only to need the aid of coffee the next morning so that I would be able to function at work.)

Excerpt from Ticket To Love by Donna Jay

The front door opened, and Kathryn bounded down the front steps, long mahogany locks bouncing around her shoulders. She wore loose-fitting white slacks, a short-sleeved turquoise blouse, and a beaming smile.

“Well, I’ll be a motherfucker,” Tara mumbled under her breath.

It wasn’t Kathryn’s beauty that took her by surprise; she expected no less. It was the vibrant aura surrounding her like a heatwave that floored Tara.

On the drive over, she’d imagined Kath opening the door, nose stuck in the air, peering down at her like she was nothing more than a business transaction.

That Tara could deal with, not this vivacious woman lighting up the front yard. She didn’t want to be buddy-buddy with this woman. She was her aunty’s boss, for goodness sakes.

Reminding herself she was lucky to have a roof over her head, Tara shut her mouth and opened the car door.

“Welcome.” Kathryn shook Tara’s hand, her vibrant green eyes radiating warmth. “I’m Kathryn, but you know that, right?”

Delighted by the enthusiastic greeting, Tara returned the handshake. “Thanks for offering me a room. I’m house-trained, by the way, if Sue didn’t let you know.”

“Yes, I’ve heard all about you.”

Tara faltered midstride. Just how much had she heard?

Loose lips sink ships, Aunty Sue.

Shaking off the thought, Tara plastered on a smile. “All good, I hope?”

“Absolutely.” Kathryn gave her a decisive nod. “Sue said…”

“Where do you want this?” Geoff’s deep voice put an end to whatever Kathryn had been about to say. He motioned to Tara’s dressing table, tipped back on his trundler.

“Follow me.” Kathryn crooked a finger. The white tip of her nail caught Tara’s eye. Of course someone like Kathryn had elegant hands with French tips.

Hoping against hope Kathryn wasn’t as high maintenance as her self-centered mother, Tara suppressed a groan.

In the next heartbeat, she admonished herself. So what if she was? It was none of Tara’s business how Kathryn chose to spend her money, or free time for that matter.

Coexist, remember?

Suitcase in hand, Tara fell into step beside her uncle. While his focus appeared to be on balancing the tallboy, her treacherous gaze zoomed in on the sensual sway of Kathryn’s hips.

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