This Time by Donna MissalThis Time by Donna Missal is an R&B rock album exploring themes of deception and heartbreak as well as those of reflection and self-love. Predominantly smooth and relaxing, the album is also peppered with bursts of passion and fire that keep you rapt in its swirling maelstrom of emotions. Missal’s songwriting is solid and her voice is breathtaking. It is soft and sensual with the ability to crank it up into powerfully emotive crescendos you feel throughout your core.

My Favourite Songs

“Girl” is a subdued song highlighting Missal’s raw and impassioned vocals. Accompanied by a slow beat, the song is a heartfelt exclamation of insecurity, frustration and reflection over the conflict between two women. It stresses that we shouldn’t be competing with one another, rather lifting each other up.

“Jupiter” is aptly named because the song has an otherworldly sound and feel to it. This is driven by the unearthly sounds of a synthesizer which opens the song and carries on throughout the background. The lyrics however are grounded in earthly desire and longing. There is a wonderful contrast between hope and heartache permeating the lyrics and overall feeling of the music.

“Metal Man” begins with Missal’s haunting and sensual voice and a rhythmic groove that immediately causes your hips to start swaying. It is an examination of the digital versus the real personalities people have and how that plays into forming relationships or distancing ourselves from them. It has a retro feel with modern influences, and I just can’t stop listening to it.

“Thrills” is a song about embracing everything about yourself. The good and the not so good, because both contribute to making us who we are.  A slow and steady rhythm compliment Missal’s smoky and sensual vocals that are soothing one moment and laced with power the next.

“Keep Lying” is an emotional powerhouse of a song. Just wow. I can’t get enough of this one. The emotional turmoil of being in an unhealthy relationship rife with deception, knowing it, accepting it, coming to terms with the pain and trying to grasp some control. Missal’s vocals rise and fall in waves of emotion that simultaneously hit you right in the heart and the gut. The power of this song both lyrically and aurally is undeniably real.

Highly Recommended by MichelleThe Conclusion

This is an intimate, soulful and emotionally charged album. Missal’s songwriting is poignant, her vocal abilities are astounding, and the music is the perfect complement to all of her talents. This is her debut album and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

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