These Thin Lines by Milena McKayThese Thin Lines by Milena McKay Is an exquisite age gap, second chance romance set in the Paris and New York fashion scenes.

Some lines should never be crossed.

In the heart of Paris, Chiara Conti is trapped in an ivory tower of lovelessness, affluence, and haute couture. She’s disheartened and lonely, looking for significance and inspiration.

When Vi Courtenay literally falls at her feet, while simultaneously losing her shoe, it sets in motion a series of events that will change their lives forever.

With everything tainted, will the thin lines they sever ever be mended?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

**Dreamy sigh** Milena McKay has once again blown me away with her awe-inspiring talent. She is one of the most insightful, intense, charming, and thought-provoking authors out there and with These Thin Lines, she’s created a modern-day fairy tale that left me breathless.

The cover is exquisite and completely captures the air of this brilliant book!

Chiara Conti is a supermodel turned fashion designer who is uninspired and tormented. She works herself to the bone designing some of the best pieces of fashion the world has ever seen but all she wants is to truly be seen. Then into her life tumbles an observant, insightful, and compassionate young woman and Chiara’s world is turned upside down.   

Vi Courtenay’s life is punishing. Her father, stepmother, and step sisters do all they can to ensure she feels useless, unattractive, and insignificant. She strives for their acceptance and affection despite their attempts to break her.

I fell in love with both Chiara and Vi upon Vi’s grand entrance into Lilien Haus when amber eyes locked on grey. Their dynamic from moment one is fashioned with charming dialogue, witty banter, and endless sexual tension. Vi’s endearing clumsiness, utter infatuation with Chiara, and ability to see into Chiara’s soul help to guide their story, and the way she sports suspenders…shew!  Both women are shrouded in a cloud of underappreciation and have lived through heartbreaking circumstances, yet they’re both persevering and no matter what gets thrown their way, they both remain loyal, admirable, and classy. Their road to happily ever after isn’t smooth, in fact, it’s wrought with obstacles, roadblocks, and disloyalty, yet in the darkness, there is light. Light in the form of acceptance, awareness, appreciation, and affection. Chiara and Vi deserve all of the best that life has to offer.

Cons And Heads Up

Familial trauma plays a major part in this story and could be a trigger for some readers. Vi’s family is filled with awful humans whose emotional abuse is despicable. Chiara’s wife, Frankie, needs to get somewhere because..ugh!

The Conclusion

Milena McKay is one of the best sapphic authors out there and with These Thin Lines, she’s created a tale for the ages. Chiara and Vi are incredible women whose story is charming, dynamic, heartbreaking, and insightful. I was unable to put it down because I was immersed in their world and needed, like I needed my next breath, to find out how the seemingly insurmountable obstacles for them were going to be conquered. This is a not to miss sapphic tale!

Excerpt from These Thin Lines by Milena McKay

She stumbled over her own feet and landed face-first on a plush, ivory carpet, which probably saved her from a broken nose. And then Vi just sighed. Or maybe she groaned. Whatever it was, she hoped that unlike her fall—since there was no hope for that—whatever sound she’d made had been somewhat graceful at least.

As she stood up and tried to catch her breath, she looked around, then simply closed her eyes. In her relief over her unbroken face, Vi realized she had lost her shoe, the too-big-for-her good-as-new Converse from the secondhand store down the street from her apartment sliding easily off her socked foot and landing somewhere in front of her in the vast expanse of the foyer.

She said a silent prayer to whichever guardian angel of hers was on duty that day. Vi needed her wits about her. She touched her face. Her glasses seemed intact. But as she squinted and tried to fix them from their crooked position, her last cogent thought was that it must have been the wrong angel—a very amorous one and not the sanguine one she desperately needed.

All her proper musings evaporated, and only the improper ones remained. She was looking at the most beautiful woman in the world. Universe. What was bigger than a universe? Something, surely, because the woman was… Ethereal. And she was looking straight at Vi with the ghost of a smile on her incredible face.

The early morning light landed on the chiseled sharp features, caressing those planes and angles of cheekbone and jaw, and Vi was mesmerized by the play of shadows, hiding the familiarity of the face. But even in her flustered and embarrassed state, Vi knew this woman.

“Che cortese… You certainly know how to make an entrance, Cinderella.”

Vi had enough Italian to understand the remark. Courteous. Yes, it was quite the courtesy to fall flat on your face in front of the lady of the house. And she probably should have fixed her clothes, or her face, or put her shoe back on. Really, done something other than stare. But the voice… silk over steel with a note of… melancholy, was it? The voice had her enraptured. It had her imagining slaying whatever dragons were making this princess sad.

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ISBN number: 979-8374988659

Publisher: Indie Author

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