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The Taste of Her Silence by Sara Scott: Listing

Love, loss, resilience, renewal:
The unforgettable conclusion of the Jensy Willett trilogy

On a seemingly ordinary April weekend, with her beloved wife Sophie out of town, Jensy Willett finds herself reminiscing about the extraordinary events of her life over the past eight years.

From the long, slow arc of her recovery as the victim of a school shooting, to her hard-earned success as a photographer… from the cultivation of a dear circle of friends and family, to the spectacular “Jensyventures” she’s shared with her precious Sophie… Jensy contentedly reflects on the peace and happiness she has found at last.

Now in her mid-forties, Jensy has a new career, a new appreciation for her life in the city, and a love for Sophie that has only grown stronger over the two decades of their life together.

Then, an unexpected phone call shatters her world completely.

In the face of devastating loss, Jensy is forced to confront the limits of her own strength. Will she succumb to despair, or will she rise from the ashes and find the courage to embrace the pleasures and delights that life still has to offer?

A beautiful story of love and loss, tragedy and resilience, unbearable sadness and the transcendence of love, The Taste of Her Silence is the powerful conclusion to the story of the irrepressible Jensy Willett.

The Touch of Her Voice and The Sound of Her Smile (volumes one and two of the Jensy Willett trilogy) are available on Amazon in paperback, ebook, and Kindle Unlimited.


Title: The Taste of Her Silence

Author: Sara Scott

Release date: 13 March 2024

Publisher: Word Craft, LLC

Genre and Tropes: Love and loss, friends to lovers, hurt/comfort, second-chance romance

Series: The Jensy Willett Trilogy

Available on KU: Yes


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Silence has never been so loud.



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