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Some might say Diane took a big risk, gambling her heart on a much younger woman. But now that she’s living her most authentic life in Ibiza with her adoring Hayley, Diane feels like she’s finally won big.

For a while, Diane simply enjoys every intimate moment—strolls on the hot Ibizan sand, sipping cool drinks, and losing herself in every inch of Hayley’s sun-bronzed skin. But when they discover a young woman injured on the street, complications soon follow—and start piling up.

As more and more of Hayley’s past comes back to pour emotional salt water on old wounds, the pain tests their relationship. Will the stress tear them apart? Or uncover a side of Diane that surprises them both—a fierce instinct to protect the woman she adores?

Note: The Show Must Go On continues Diane and Hayley’s story from The Stepmother.


Title: The Show Must Go On

Author: Melissa Tereze

Release date: 6 July 2023

Publisher: GPC Publishing

Genre and Tropes: Age gap. Taboo. Forbidden. 

Series: Available on KU: Yes


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Just when you think you’ve made peace with the past, it comes back with a vengeance.

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