Soul Food Stories by Anna Burke, Virginia Black, Ann McMan, et al: Listing

Salem West and Christel Cogneau have assembled a powerhouse lineup of Bywater Books and Amble Press authors to explore, subvert, and reinvigorate the bountiful feast of All Hallows phantasmagoria in this stunning collection.

To the living, “soul food” has a specific meaning, history, and flavor. But what does “soul food” mean to the demon, ghost, fiend, witch, spirit, or vampire? How does their ingenuity and wit rise and fall in the taking, baking, erasing, embracing, and defacing of sustenance?

West and Cogneau have challenged their authors to explore these and other questions in surprising and fascinating ways. Sometimes sweet and other times terrifying, sometimes warm or otherwise demented, these stories set the table for an otherworldly feast of delight and intrigue.

Let the banquet begin . . .

Soul Food Stories is packed with literary confections by award-winning authors, Anna Burke, Jenn Alexander, Jacob Budenz, Virginia Black, Cathy Pegau, and Ann McMan.

Featured stories include:

“The Five Year Revenge Agency” by Anna Burke
“Tilly’s Tarts” by Jenn Alexander
“Of the Air and Land” by Jacob Budenz
“Ravenous” by Virginia Black
“In Speary Wood” by Cathy Pegau
“Perhaps You Missed My Signs” by Anna Burke
“Ghost Writer” by Ann McMan


Title: Soul Food Stories: An Otherworldly Feast for the Living, the Dead, and Those Who Have Yet to Decide

Author: Anna Burke, Virginia Black, Ann McMan, Jenn Alexander, Cathy Pegau, Jacob Budenz

Release date: 17 October 2023

Publisher: Bywater Books

Genre and Tropes: Sapphic, Paranormal, Fantasy, Anthology, Ice Queen, Revenge


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What does “soul food” mean to the undead? To a ghost or a ghoul, to a demon or a fiend? How does the vampire, witch, goblin, or fae fathom it? Let us show you…

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