Temptation by Kris BryantTemptation by Kris Bryant is a book that was basically written for me: opposites attract, age gap romance between a single mom and the nanny she hires to take care of her son.

Cassie Miller’s parents cut her off when she dropped out of medical school. She needs to find a job fast if she wants to be able to make ends meet while pursuing her passion in graduate school. When an opportunity to nanny for the beautiful, wealthy Brook Wellington falls into Cassie’s lap, she knows it’s the answer to her financial woes, especially since the job comes with living quarters on the estate.

Brook Wellington’s son, Noah, is her top priority. Her ex is barely around to help and and Brook is the Chief Operating Officer at her family’s company, however, so she knows it’s time to get some help. A nanny won’t solve everything, but having help with Noah’s mornings and after-school hours will ease a lot of the burden.

Brook and Cassie are attracted to each other and they both know they shouldn’t do anything with it. But can they really resist the pull between them?

The Characters

The whole story is told from Cassie’s perspective in the first person, so we get to know her best. She’s very easy to like, since she’s warm and funny. She loves her grandmother more than anything and it’s sweet to see how Noah takes to her right away. Because it’s Cassie’s perceptive, we also see how Brook starts to thaw, even though we never get a view into Brook’s thoughts.

Brook has been through a lot, between her divorce and helping run a company. All of that makes her understandably standoffish, and she’s mainly an ice queen because she doesn’t have time for distractions, including a relationship. Brook goes through a lot of change over the course of Temptation as she reevaluates her priorities, giving her a much bigger journey than Cassie. Because she keeps things fairly close to her chest, we don’t get much of a view into that journey, so I feel like I have to take her at her word for it when she says she’s all in for their happily ever after (HEA) at the end. I would have loved to see her perspective and join her as she changes throughout the story, so I could know her side of WHY she’s in for that HEA.

Also, I was happy to see that Noah is totally believable as a 6 year old and that he’s a whole character, not just there to push the story along.

The Writing Style

The tone of Temptation is light and it has little angst, which worked well for me. It was paced well, the sex scenes were smoking hot, and the dialogue was great.

The Narration

As always, I adored Brittni Pope’s narration. She’s so well suited to Bryant’s stories and this was no exception.

The Pros

I listened to this book while I was away at a conference, so I really appreciated how sweet the story is. I wasn’t in the headspace required for an angstfest and Temptation was a perfect choice.

I also like that Brook and Cassie talk about the 14-year age gap between them. It’s often ignored or glossed over in age-gap stories, so it was nice to see it directly addressed here.

The Cons

Like I mentioned above, I would have preferred to see more of Brook’s journey on the page. I understand why that isn’t possible, given that the story is told from Cassie’s perspective, but I was left wanting to know a lot more.

The Conclusion

taras favourite lesbian booksannas favourite booksThis book is so freakin’ trope-tastic, there’s something for anyone! Do you like:

  • Age gaps?
  • Boss/employee relationships?
  • Opposites attract?
  • Stories about a nanny falling in love?

If so, congratulations! This is the book for you! All of these elements are handled well and I had a ton of fun reading Temptation.

Excerpt from Temptation by Kris Bryant

“Good morning, Cassie.”

“Good morning, Brook.”

She gave me a look-over, not discreet about it at all. “You seem very tall today.”

I tried not to smile. “The one good thing about autumn. I can wear boots with heels. It always puts me in a good mood.” Without shoes on, I was five foot nine inches. With these boots, I was just under six feet tall.

It was her turn to try not to smile. She bit her bottom lip and nodded. “Noah was feeling a little bit under the weather last night. He still wants to go to school, but if he starts feeling weak, you might get a call. If you have tests today, just let me know, and I can make other arrangements.”

“I’m fine. We shouldn’t have a problem.” I smoothed the front of my sweater, because keeping eye contact with Brook was unnerving. She must have sensed my unease because she quickly poured coffee in her travel mug, nodded, and headed out the door. I let out a sigh. She was intense. Did she know I was attracted to her?

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781635555080
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Audiobook Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Narrator: Brittni Pope
  • Kris Bryant Online

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