TB Markinson Gets Interviewed: Podcast

TB Markinson Gets Interviewed on this episode of The Lesbian Review Podcast. Markinson talks about being an author and founder of I Heart Lesfic.

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Questions that Markinson answers

  • You write in first person. Do you find this puts people off or draws them into the character’s head?
  • What is your best selling book?
  • Your books range in theme and genre quite substantially, how does your reader base react to this?
  • Your covers are amazing. Do you find that people react to them?
  • Who designs them?
  • Do you think good covers are important for sales?
  • Some of your novels are quite mainstream – have you been able to cross over?
  • About I Heart Lesfic: This is a very unique initiative to promote lesfic. Tell me how it came to be and for those who don’t know about it, tell me what it is.
  • What has the reaction to it been from authors, influencers in the sector and readers?
  • Do you find it helps to sell your own books?
  • What are the number now, for your site visits, newsletter subscribers etc and what is the growth rate looking like?

Books we talk about

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The Chosen One by TB Markinson

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