RG Emanuelle Gets Interviewed: Podcast

RG Emanuelle gets interviewed by Sheena on this episode of The Lesbian Review Podcast. They talk about her writing, food and Dirt Road Books

Topics discussed:

  • RG has released a novel this year called The Potion.
  • What RG is working on at the moment?
  • Dirt Road Books is a cooperative – what does that mean and where does RG fit in?
  • Other than supplying fantastic recipes for the newsletter.
  • RG has qualifications in both english literature and food?
  • How do they pair together?
  • What goes into good food-focused writing?
  • RG shares an old timey food fact about asparagus with us.

Listen to this episode here

Books we talk about

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The Potion by RG Emanuelle

Add Spice To Taste by RG Emanuelle


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