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Tactical Changes by Jo Cox: Listing

Two women. One goal. A whole lot of tactical changes.

Since her ex blew up their plans, Becky’s started to realise they needed detonating. The family life she fantasised about was just that – a fantasy. Now, she wants to build a life that’s not just as good as the one she imagined in her head, it’s better.

Deciding to buy a house solo turns out to be an easy leap, but when it comes to finding a meaningful relationship in the swipe and dash world of online dating? That’s going to be a harder challenge for someone who’s shy around new people.

Paige is already three huge steps in front of Becky. She’s long since stopped worrying whether she’s got a girlfriend and is out there living her best life with Reggie, her golden retriever. Even her mum’s eternally gloomy outlook can’t dull her sparkle, and she’s happy taking centre stage in her own story. She’ll even do it in nipple tassels.

Becky’s attraction to the club’s new burlesque dancing barmaid is instant, but she soon realises that if she wants to get to know Paige, she’s going to have to leave her expectations at the clubhouse door.

As their friendship develops, attraction deepens and their relationship shifts. But Paige is carrying a big secret, and it’ll lead them into something they never could’ve predicted.

A slow burn sapphic romance that explores demisexuality, the blurry boundaries of friendship, and what can happen when you stay open to possibility.


Title: Tactical Changes

Author: Jo Cox

Release date: 14 April 2024

Publisher: Indie Author

Genre and Tropes: slow burn, friends to lovers

Series: The Blues

Available on KU: Yes


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Two women. One goal. A whole lot of tactical changes.


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