The Storm Within Her by Ami SpencerThe Storm Within Her by Ami Spencer gives two women a second chance, but enormous obstacles to face on the way back to each other in this age gap, dramatic romance that showcases mental health and dealing with guilt.

A boring lawyer conference heats up when Kate meets Seph and they click immediately. Before long they are spending a lot of time together and dreaming of their future. Seph has deep issues with self body shaming and anxiety. She needs quiet and not to be thrust into crowded situations. As soon as she meets Kate she’s not only drawn to her physically, but also her immediate understanding and comforting nature.

Kate is also immediately attracted to Seph physically, but quickly finds she has a forgiving heart and always thinks of others ahead of herself. An enormous secret causes Seph incredible emotional harm after Kate leaves her for what she thinks is her own good.

When they meet again months later, Kate is astounded and alarmed at Seph’s mental and physical state after she is devastated by a revelation. Somehow, the two must learn to be honest with each other and trust while working through a serious downturn in Seph’s wellbeing.


There is a lot of play with timeline at the beginning of the book, which can be tricky, but here gives the reader time to know the main characters better and see that their relationship is more than only physical before dropping a huge bombshell that informs the rest of the book.

There is no shortage of fraught and even shocking scenes for the duration of the story, giving the reader no chance to really relax. A high level of angst comes not only from the characters’ travails but a lot of outside forces, mainly family and friends. The angst is not simply about Seph’s debilitating anxiety and Kate’s guilt, but questions about infidelity and secrecy. The author gives the reader a lot of room to decide how they want to come down on the issues.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

This book has no qualms about displaying people at their absolute worst, and giving them motivations that the reader may just agree with. I found this to be a bold move on the part of the author. There were scenes that caused me to gasp out loud in shock from enormous secrets revealed and a constant simmer of danger that sometimes boil up into nearly unbearable passages.

Seph’s mental state is a large focus and I found her struggles to be heartrending, but also instructional. Kate’s role as both instigator of Seph’s immediate problem as well as lover and caretaker was fascinating. She carries no small amount of guilt for her actions, as well she should. I liked how she totally owns her actions and works to overcome the hurt she caused.

Heads Up

Absolutely be on the lookout for infidelity, and self-harm. The book goes to some very dark places.

The Conclusion

On first meeting Kate and Seph not only hit it off but fall in love, but Kate can’t bring herself to commit. Her leaving causes Seph to spiral into a dangerous well of anxiety. When they meet again Kate must battle her own nearly debilitating guilt over the harm she’s caused, and try to earn Seph’s trust so she can help her regain her health and equilibrium.

The level of angst is high from the beginning of the book and never really tapers off. After playing with the timeline as a way of better introducing the characters’ motivations and nature, the author surprises the reader with a huge secret that is the basis for a lengthy study on deep anxiety, guilt, and how they might feel about subjects like infidelity and self-harm. More than a couple of scenes are intended to shock.

Excerpt from The Storm Within Her by Ami Spencer

“Can I get you another?” she asked, pointing to Seph’s glass.

“I was only planning on staying for one…”

“Oh, that’s a shame.” Kate tried to hide her disappointment.

“But I could be tempted into another,” Seph said, voice wavering slightly. “I-if that’s okay?”

The sudden burst of uncertainty mixed with the fact that Seph had agreed to have a drink with her made Kate smile. She shouldn’t have been so happy over such a small thing as Seph accepting an offer of a drink, but she was quickly realizing that she wasn’t entirely in control of how she reacted around Seph.

“Of course. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have offered.” Diverting her eyes to the bartender, she swiftly ordered her drink and another for Seph. She then turned back to Seph. “I’m glad I bumped into you again.” She hoped her admission seemed as nonchalant as she intended, but she feared it came across slightly more desperate than planned.

“More ulterior motives?” Seph gave her a glance over the top of her wine glass, and Kate’s fears settled at the remark. There was a glint in her eye which made Kate smirk in response. When she wasn’t worrying about talking to people, Kate suspected Seph could be a little mischievous.”

“No, not this time.” Kate leant in a bit closer, as if she was divulging some deep secret, trying to encourage and validate Seph’s own attempt at a playful nature. More than anything she wanted Seph to feel safe and comfortable to be herself. The fact that being flirty with her came easily was just an added bonus. “I bloody hate these dinners, so a friendly face and some half decent conversation is very welcome.”

“Half decent?” Seph laughed, lightening Kate’s heart. “Steady on. I’ll be getting an ego if you keep on complimenting me like that.”

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