It Started With a Kiss by Clare Lydon reviewIt Started with a Kiss by Clare Lydon is a lesbian romance with some light comedy thrown in.

Events manager Skye is drowning her sorrows after being told she is organising her ex’s wedding, at the same venue they had been married at. At the bar she meets a gorgeous stranger and they share a hot, passionate kiss that leaves them both reeling.

Back home at her Surrey vineyard Gemma can’t shake the kiss she shared with the stranger at the bar in Cornwall. Fate has other plans and days later Skye shows up at a wine and cheese tasting forcing the women together again. For Skye the chemistry is undeniable but a job offer and an opportunity to move away from her ex  has her agreeing that while she works for Gemma nothing can happen. Business comes first.

With the sexual tension so close to the surface can Gemma stick to her own rules?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

This is such a fun, sweet story with delightful characters that keep you engaged and reading. While this book has some enough tension to drive the story forward it’s not overly dramatic. This book is described as a summer read and I have to 100% agree with that, it’s perfect whether you’re at the beach or chilling at home with an icy drink.

As usual with Clare Lydon’s writing the characters are really well developed and you find yourself rooting for Skye  but empathising with Gemma even though she’s harming her own happiness with a silly rule. Another plus is the supporting cast made up of Skye’s best friends and Gemma’s family, they all bring so much to the story and actually impact the characters.

One of my favourite parts of reading is learning, and I have to say that learning about some of the work that goes into wine farming such as the frost alarm and bougies was delightful. I don’t drink wine but now really want to go visit a vineyard.

Cons And Heads Up

This is a fun read, but it is set in a vineyard and there is naturally mention of drinking wine and champagne. None of the drinking scenes result in negative actions or situations, however if you  have a sensitivity to situations that mention alcohol you may want to give it a skip.

The Conclusion

This book is a definite must-read for fans of Clare Lydon and if you are looking for an easy-to-read romance that will leave you feeling happy and glory at the end.

Excerpt from It Started with a Kiss by Clare Lydon

“The middle was wobbly, but I think we can work on the ending. Especially now we’re on solid ground.”

Desire fizzed through her. Gemma’s bones melted. Skye closed the gap between them, then her expert lips fixed Gemma to the spot, to this red-hot moment of pleasure she couldn’t turn away from.

They’d only just met, but already, Skye’s lips were the only place Gemma wanted to be. She pulled her close, a hand lingering on Skye’s shapely bum. Like this was what she did every day.

It wasn’t.

Gemma’s heart boomed. She’d expected to be on a cold train platform right now. She hadn’t factored in being roasted by Skye’s pitch-perfect lips. Being caressed by Skye’s firm fingers. Where the hell had she come from? And why the hell couldn’t Gemma take her with her?

Skye kissed like the world might end tomorrow. Like Gemma’s lips were gold, and Skye was going to protect them at all costs. She hadn’t expected that. Amanda’s cast-off was Gemma’s gain. Whatever else she took from tonight, she’d leave with the knowledge she was eminently kissable. That women like Skye existed. That kisses like these were not just the stuff of folklore.

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