Stars Collide by Rachel LaceyStars Collide by Rachel Lacey is a steamy slow-burn celebrity romance that will leave you swooning!

Eden Sands has been on top of the charts for twenty years but she’s lonely. Her marriage just ended, and she’s become quite isolated. Her last album flopped and her upcoming tour hasn’t sold out. She’s desperate for her star to shine bright again and when her team suggests a duet with an upcoming young star, she initially balks but soon realizes there’s no other choice.

Anna Moss is pop music’s rising star. Eden Sands has been her idol for two decades and it’s a dream come true when she’s asked to sing a duet with her at the Grammy’s. Her bubbly persona isn’t what defines her and she wants to be taken seriously as an artist, so collaborating with Eden might be just what she needs.

As Eden and Anna rehearse, they quickly realize they have a lot more in common than their musical talents. Now they just have to decide if what’s between them is a one-hit wonder or the making of a romance worthy of those incredible love songs.


It’s clear that Rachel Lacey wrote this story from the heart. There are so many insightful statements that I couldn’t help but highlight as I learned about both Eden and Anna’s thoughts and feelings through a narrator.  Eden’s emotions, as she grapples with her budding feelings for Anna, are so perfectly captured that I could feel her struggle. Eden’s first ride on a motorcycle is exquisitely detailed as are their sightseeing adventures through some of America’s greatest cities!

Pros And My Favourite Parts

Eden Sands was thrust into the spotlight at sixteen years old and forced to grow up way too soon. The media treated her like a sex symbol when really, she was just a high schooler looking for her big break. Her road hasn’t been smooth and she currently is at a low point in both her personal and professional lives. Anna is like a breath of fresh air for her. She’s sweet, bubbly, and so full of life that Eden can’t help but shine brighter under her star.

Anna’s idolized Eden for twenty years, in fact, she’s the reason Anna became a singer. As she and Eden grow closer, she struggles with her feelings for both the celebrity and the woman beneath the pop persona. The dichotomy between both causes her some complications as she wants what’s best for both of them.

Eden and Anna met at absolutely the perfect time in both of their lives. Anna’s brilliant light and zest for life help Eden while Eden’s calm demeanor, advice, and support help Anna see that she has full control over her own life and no one can take that away from her. These two women are intelligent, insightful, and so special and I loved being a part of their journey. I honestly wish that I could hear them sing together just once!

Heads Up

Eden’s estranged parents treat her like a thing instead of like a daughter and there’s one scene that is heartbreaking for her.

The Conclusion

Rach's Favourite BooksI’m a sucker for a celebrity romance and Stars Collide is simply perfect. As I was reading, I was so caught up in Eden and Anna’s story that the rest of the world fell away. It has the perfect balance of sweet and emotional and the low angst level help make this a fantastic book. It’s been added to my re-read pile because of the incredible dynamics between Eden and Anna as well as Anna’s support and advice when Eden allowed herself to acknowledgege her truth.

Excerpt from Stars Collide by Rachel Lacey

Anna’s stomach tingled, because oh wow, she was really about to meet her idol. Even from a distance, Eden had a presence about her, something that made her difficult to look away from. That tingling sensation intensified.

“Go on in and introduce yourself,” Kyrie urged.

“Okay, okay, I’m going.” Anna stepped through the doorway.

“Knock her socks off,” Kyrie called from behind her. Under other circumstances, she would have flipped Kyrie off in retaliation for the jab, but right now, Anna was having trouble with basic functions like walking. Her knees shook, and she felt like she’d just drunk an extra fizzy soda . . . like her entire body was carbonated.

Eden watched her approach, her expression impossible to read. She was dressed all in black, a silky blouse tucked into formfitting jeans and knee-high leather boots. Her  dark-brown hair was down, cascading over her shoulders in glossy waves, and those bright-blue eyes Anna had admired in countless photos were fixed on her with laser-sharp intensity.

Everything about Eden’s stance said, “I’m a star, and I know it.” This was the woman whose music Anna had listened to on repeat throughout her teens, the woman she’d fantasized about back when she was coming to terms with her sexuality. And now they were going to sing a duet together.

At the Grammy Awards.

Anna’s knees almost gave out, but somehow she kept walking. Up close, Eden was tall, too, standing a few inches over Anna’s five foot five.

Anna drew in another steadying breath, composing herself as she extended her hand. “Anna Moss. It’s an honor to meet you, Ms. Sands.”

Eden took it and shook. Her fingers were cool against Anna’s, and her grip was firm. “Please call me Eden.”

“Eden.” Anna was pleased with how steady her voice sounded. She might be a raging fangirl, but she was also a professional, and first impressions were so important. “I hope you don’t mind me saying that you’ve been an inspiration to me. I have so much respect for you, and I’m a huge fan of your music.”

“I don’t think anyone would mind hearing that.” Eden smiled, but it was the kind of smile Anna had seen her give in interviews: appreciative but distant. Impersonal. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

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