Snowbird Season by BJ PhillipsSnowbird Season by BJ Phillips is the second book in the Seasons series. In it, we follow Kelly Bradley, who we met first in Hurricane Season. Kelly is nearing 40, and feeling like she’ll always be alone. Seeing her friend Shawn find happiness with Carrie seems to drive Kelly’s loneliness home. She sublimates her yearnings in her woodworking, and house renovations. As a favor to Carrie, Kelly takes on a job to create some built-in shelving units for a special client, a snowbird from New York City. She hits it off with Elise Wainwright, but it’s her beautiful niece, Andi, that captures Kelly’s attention. Not wanting to get involved with someone who isn’t going to stay in Florida, Kelly’s determined to simply be the friend Andi so obviously needs.

Andi Wainwright is visiting her aunt’s winter home in order to recover from a bad breakup. She’s feeling alone and vulnerable, but having a friend to talk to is really helping her out. The problem is that she’s hiding a pretty big secret from her aunt, and therefore from everybody else as well. This secret could hurt the fledgling feelings that have started to grow between Andi and Kelly.

The Characters

Kelly is a wonderfully warm butch character who really just wants to find the same love that her best friend Shawn has found. In fact, Carrie seems like the perfect partner to Kelly, and she wouldn’t mind finding someone a lot like Carrie to fall in love with. At the same time, Kelly is extremely cautious about making herself open and vulnerable to another person, afraid of being hurt. Her physical attraction to Andi threatens to overwhelm her common sense, but she keeps telling herself that the fact that Andi lives in New York makes her a bad prospect for romance. She tries to be a good friend for Andi instead.

Andi has already been hurt. At the same time, she can’t deny her attraction to Kelly. The more time the two spend together, the closer they become. Things for Andi are complicated because her secret means she isn’t free to pursue anything she might feel for Kelly. A moonlight kiss, and her response to it, results in Andi’s precipitous return to New York City, and may spell the end of any possibilities between the two.

The Writing Style

The writing here is good, with an easy pace that moves well and doesn’t bog down. We’re along for the ride as we learn about both of these characters, as they reveal themselves to each other in fits and starts. The whole process seems totally organic, and we’re never bored.

The Pros

I really liked watching Kelly fall in love. Although at times it was painful for her, it was also sweet, and she definitely deserved her happy ending. I also really enjoyed checking back in with Shawn and Carrie; that made the story even more special.

The Cons

I didn’t like Andi’s communication silence. I understand why she thought it might be necessary, but I thought it was also cowardly, and wasn’t at all fair to Kelly.

The Conclusion

This was a wonderful romance, and a continuation for some of the characters we met in Hurricane Season, book one of the series. It was an interesting read that kept me involved, and is perfect for anyone wanting to enjoy a sweet story.

Excerpt from Snowbird Season by BJ Phillips

“What’s this Andrea like?” Shawn asked. “Carrie said you told her she was a blonde and had brown eyes, but that’s about it.”

“Yes, give. I know you’ve been around her more now, so what’s she actually like?” Carrie asked.

“I’d say she looks a little bit like Elise probably looked when she was younger. Dark blonde hair, eyes the prettiest shade of brown with amber flecks in them I’ve probably ever seen, and a beautiful smile. She’s probably about five feet six. I’d say she has a lovely figure. She’s perfect like she is. How’s that for a description?”

Shawn and Carrie looked at each other. “You’re not falling for her, already are you?”

“Me? No. Why would you say that?” Kelly asked as she buttered a biscuit.

“Why? I don’t think I’ve ever heard you describe a woman quite like that, that’s why.”

“Can I help it if she’s beautiful? She just is. I can admire someone without having a thing for her. Besides, we hardly know each other.” She didn’t look up as she reached for the grape jelly.

Shawn laughed. “The last time you were here, you seemed rather, shall we say taken with her. Hardly knowing a woman hasn’t stopped you in the past for having a thing for her. I only hope you aren’t setting yourself up for a big disappointment with someone like that.”

“I’m not falling for her. She’s simply someone in need of a friend right now.”

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