The Smutiest Clexa In All of WLW FandomsDon’t wanna be your girl by faithtastic is one of the best erotic and the smutiest Clexa in all of WLW Fandoms. The story is a mix of a skin flick meet-cute and a college story and combines elements from both settings perfectly.

Lexa is a financially struggling, “sweet and innocent” adorably gay and properly self-righteous student who interns in a porn production ‘aimed primarily at queer female demographic”. Her gender studies and feminism come agains the concepts of free sexual expression and some more than friendly feelings she has for one fo the film stars.

Clarke Griffin is a relatively big name porn star, or as Lexa prefers to call her – an “adult entertainment performer” starring in lesbian pornographic productions with her friends, most of whom are coupled up and are doing this exclusively for their financial stability. Clarke is also an artist and a student and her side job pays the tuition bills until her artistic career, which has promise, picks up.

The story moves along quickly, with the protagonists letting their interest and attraction for each other be known and circumstances facilitating their comings together. And more comings together. And all together more of said comings together. Puns both intended and unintended.

But adult entertainment business is as ruthless as it is harsh on young love. Will Lexa be able to accept that her lover is an adult performer or will Clarke have to give everything up for her love?


The writing is very good, fluid and while other authors might’ve gone the “plot, what plot?” road and just revelled in the sexual exploration the leads subject each other to, faithtastic manages to tell a captivating story of “will they, won’t they” in between the copious amounts of smut.


Well, I might’ve mentioned it is a total and complete smutfest? If abundance of sex on a page is not our thing, this story will not be for you. For enthusiasts of erotica however, this is right up their alley.


Did I mention this is a complete and total smutfest? Because, let me tell you – this is a total smutfest. It’s over one hundred thousand words of well written sex on a page. But the author also asks important questions about the industry and people involved in it. The story moves along wit the central conflict – acceptance of one’s partner fully and entirely, or letting go, and realizing that one cannot change a person, nor their occupation singlehandedly without consequences.

Oh and if Snow White was part of this story, she’d be clucking her puritanical little tongue in disapproval and then threatening to bake all the performers cookies and smother them in unsolicited affection (read: she’d be insufferable annoying and moralistic) but this is Clexa and not OUAT, so we’re all good.

Excerpt from The Smutiest Clexa In All of WLW Fandoms

It takes Lexa a few minutes to work up the courage to knock on the dressing room door. It’s more of a glorified broom closet, really, and the performers take turns getting changed in the cramped space.

She hears a muffled, “Come in.”

Clarke’s sitting at the mirror applying her ‘civilian’ makeup. When she’s not working she favours a smokey eye and pale lip. She flashes a smile at Lexa and replaces the cap on her tube of lipstick, “Hey.”

“Hi.” Lexa shoves her hands into the back pockets of her ripped jeans. “I wanted to apologise for yesterday. You must think I’m an idiot.”

“I don’t. You’re uncomfortable with the situation.”

Clarke gets to her feet and takes Lexa’s wrist, tugging her further into the room. The door shuts behind her with a click. The space seems even smaller now with Clarke standing right in front of her, near enough that Lexa could count her eyelashes (which she definitely is not doing).

“You’re also hot as fuck and if we’d met under different circumstances I would’ve had you underneath me already,” Clarke continues with a sly smile.

Lexa gapes slightly.

“Come on. I see you looking at me.” Clarke lets go of Lexa’s wrist and runs a hand up her arm and across her shoulder, smoothing over the soft flannel of Lexa’s shirt. “I can’t do anything about it because I’m under contract but two days from now? We can do whatever the hell we want to each other.”

Something like a soft whimper escapes Lexa’s throat and the glint in Clarke’s eye turns feral. She leans closer, her lips brushing the edge of Lexa’s jaw. “I can’t wait to have your fingers inside me, your mouth on my tits.” Clarke’s voice is low, thick with desire. She’s so matter-of-fact. As if it’s a foregone conclusion that they’re going to hook up. “I want you to fuck me so hard, so good that I won’t be able to sit down for days without thinking about it.”

Her words make Lexa choke out, “Jesus, Clarke.”

Clarke catches her bottom lip between bright white teeth, looks at Lexa as if she’s considering something. She lets her fingers trail up Lexa’s neck, tangling in the shorter hair at the nape that’s escaped from her ponytail. The touch sends chills down Lexa’s spine. Reflexively, her eyelids droop.

“I shouldn’t be doing this but, fuck it, you are seriously cute.”

With that Clarke presses forward, her mouth connecting with Lexa’s. She tastes of peppermint gum and waxy lipstick and Lexa instantly opens up to her. Clarke’s tongue dips just barely inside before retreating. It only lasts fifteen seconds tops but Lexa finds herself swaying forward after the kiss ends, the tip of her nose brushing Clarke’s as she chases the contact.

“God, get out of here before I do something that gets us both into trouble,” Clarke says, giving Lexa a light push.

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Bits And Bobs

  • Fandom: The 100
  • Length: 104,973
  • Author: faithtastic
  • Rating: E (as in the extraordinary Explicit)
  • Rating Guide:  G= General, T = Teen and up, M=Mature, E = explicit

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