Sharpshooter by Leslie MurraySharpshooter by Leslie Murray is one of those rare books that combine a beautiful love story with a great action novel. This book is one of my top reads for this year. It somewhat spoilt me for the next few books I attempted to read because it stayed with me and none of the books I tried were as good as this one, so I couldn’t get further than a couple of pages before putting them down. But let me tell you the story before I get too carried away here.

Seven Michelis and Jenny MacKenzie were inseparable childhood friends. When Seven’s father died and she moved away the friendship faded.

Years later Seven is now a black ops sharpshooter on a mission in Bolivia. Little does she know things are about to go horribly wrong.

Jenny is now a doctor and Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia.

When Seven’s mission spirals out of control she is left alone and dying. Jenny finds her and it isn’t until she saves Seven’s life that she realises that she has found her long lost friend.

A vicious killer wants nothing more than to kill both women and forces them to run for their lives. Seven doesn’t know who sold her out and can trust no one with the information that she is alive.

In the midst of stopping a killer, escaping to the US and being hunted by the very agency Seven works for, Seven and Jenny discover that their childhood bond is stronger than ever and has evolved to an undeniable attraction.

The Characters

Seven and Jenny are well written, clearly defined and brilliant.

The side characters were entertaining and fun to read I especially loved the dynamic between the drug lords in Bolivia.

Seven is a tall woman with blazing blue eyes and black hair while Jenny is a short, spunky blond. Fans of Xena will appreciate this pairing.

The Writing Style

Murray paced the story well. Adding a love element to an action novel can slow things down terribly but she managed to keep the pacing tight throughout.

I enjoyed the character depth and growth that we got from the flashbacks and seeing the story from the different character perspectives.

The Narration

Leslie McDonel did a lovely job of narrating this one. The story is massive with a whole load of characters and she managed to give each one a distinct personality. I will definitely listen out for more of her work.

The Pros

This is a great book. It is an absolute must-read for anyone wanting a good action/romance novel in the lesbian genre.

I loved the depth of the characters and the relationships. I also enjoyed the length of the story. It’s a whopper of a book and yet I was never bored.

The Cons

There were a couple of typos in the kindle version. It wasn’t bad enough to affect my enjoyment of the story at all, though.

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The Conclusion

Leslie Murray has just made it onto my list of Authors to Watch. If she keeps this up she may end up as one of my favourite authors.

Please can we have some more like this Leslie. Please.

Go get this book. You will not be disappointed.

If you love a book that has action and romance in spades while keeping the suspense turned up then this is your next read.

Note: I have added two excerpts to demonstrate how excellent Leslie Murray is at writing both action and emotion.

Excerpt 1 from Sharpshooter by Leslie Murray

Six hours after both father and daughter had been treated and stabilized, Jenny sat in a chair between them with her elbows resting on her knees, head hung low, staring at her hiking boots. Why isn’t this enough? She asked herself. Jenny thought back to the conversation she had with Daniel just two hours earlier. “I don’t know, Dan. I love what I do, but why isn’t it enough? I should be totally satisfied after a day like today. I should be feeling great about what I’ve accomplished, but it’s just not enough. It’s like there’s a part of me that’s not there.” She sighed heavily. “Maybe there’s something wrong with me. I can’t even make a relationship last for more than a few months, and how hard can that be? I mean, I run around taking pictures. I keep in shape. I love my work. I bust my ass trying to be better than good at what I do, but I just can’t feel content. Why? I thought for sure when I got out of school and finally started working it would all come together, you know?”

Excerpt 2 from Sharpshooter by Leslie Murray

Something painful stung her neck, snapping her back into the moment where sound filtered back into her reality. She heard yelling and gunshots, all apparently coming her way. Seven’s world seemed to come crashing down as she grabbed her sidearm from her hip and took aim in the direction of the gunfight, moving into a defensive position. She could feel warm blood flowing freely down her neck, into her shirt, just now realizing on some other plane she’d been shot. Her senses flared as the smell of gun smoke reached her, the taste of acrid in her mouth.

Ty raced out of the woods, running at break-neck speed toward Seven, hurtling downed logs and rocks along the way. He was panic-stricken, waving one arm, signaling her to run and firing behind himself with his automatic as he careened through the clearing.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781939062710
  • Publisher: Sapphire Books Publishing
  • Narrator: Leslie McDonel
  • Leslie Murray Online


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