Second-Chances-by-MJ-DuncanSecond Chances by MJ Duncan is the author’s debut novel. I was super excited to read this book as I absolutely loved Veritas written by the same author.

Second Chances is the story of two women who fell in love at university and meet again years later after a very messy breakup.

The Characters

Charlie Bennett is a sports journalist working for Sports Illustrated. She is hot, spunky and very successful in her career. After yet another one-night-stand she realises that she is not happy and decides to take a guest lecturer position at a small private college.

Mackayla is an English professor working at the same college where Charlie will be teaching. She also happens to be Charlie’s first and only love.

It is not all sunshine and roses though. Charlie embraces her sexual orientation and Mackayla still shies away from being in the public eye, even though she is technically out of the closet.

The Writing Style

The book is written nicely. As a first novel, it does well to show off MJ Duncan’s skills.

A small down side to the novel is that there is some repetition of certain phrases and words. As a first novel, though, this is not unforgivable and I didn’t find the same thing in Veritas.

The Pros

This is a sweet, light read for people who enjoy reading about happy couples and don’t want too much drama.

The Cons

The overall story is really cute but I don’t think that the tension was held long enough in the book. They found their happy ending halfway through the book, and it stayed that way, wich made the second half of the book a little flat.

The Conclusion

This is a great weekend read and will leave you in a happy mood. It is the perfect book for those times when you want an easy read that won’t be too dramatic and will have a smile worthy ending.

Excerpt from Second Chances by MJ Duncan

“No helmets for the girls. No pads. No real gloves. And I’m not even going to go into the differences in what type of sticks they’re allowed because that’s just beyond messed up. No body checking. Game stopping every two seconds for some lame-ass penalty that wouldn’t ever be called in the men’s game. If you’ll excuse my language, fuck that. Girls can beat the hell out of each other with a stick just as well as the boys can. If not better, in some cases. Bitches be vicious.”

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