Safety Protocols for Human Holidays by Angel MartinezSafety Protocols for Human Holidays by Angel Martinez is a romance set in the far future stars, where humans are a little understood and much feared species.

Growlan Raskli, security officer on an interspecies, interstellar ship is tasked with finding out what is wrong with Human Jen. Though she is as frightened by the very strange human race as anyone else, she smooths her spine spikes and visits the dark skinned biped. It doesn’t take long to discern that there is something going on with the normally friendly botanist, and Raskli is surprised to find herself wooing the human as much as helping her function better, for the sake of the ship.

Everyone on board lends a hand, or a tentacle, or a wing, to help Human Jen celebrate the mysterious Earth solstice holiday while staying within established safety protocols.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

This is an old fashioned kind of science fiction story where language is tweaked just enough to create an atmosphere of differentness, and great humor. I found the book to be laugh out loud funny several times, and the science fictional differences in species was a strong point. The other species on the ship are not well versed in human behavior, but they know something is up with the quiet botanist. While well meaning, some of the efforts to help Human Jen is full of humorous misunderstandings. The other species may be cold blooded – or not blooded at all – but their regard for Human Jen gives the book a hopeful feeling.

Raskli is surprisingly warm hearted for a Growlan, a renowned race of warriors who even court potential mates through ritual combat and poetry. The story is told from her perspective, and I could easily see how Jen would be attracted to her.

Cons And Heads Up

I found the sex scene to be a little awkward, but you may not see it that way.

The Conclusion

This is an old fashioned science fiction loaded with non-terrestrial species and language that makes sense but skewers human meanings, to humorous effect. Growlan Raskli’s wooing of Human Jen is sweet, even as she is often befuddled by the ways and meanings of human existence. So many species, wildly different, coming together to help a shipmate is as heartwarming as it is funny. Though part of a series, this story easily stands alone.

Excerpt from Safety Protocols for Human Holidays by Angel Martinez

“Growlan Raskli,”the captain hissed and clacked, translated to a genderless, fluid voice by Raskli’s omnilang ear cuff. “We are concerned for Human Jen.”

“Captain, I – What?”

“Human Jen is not behaving within previously observed species parameters,” Dr. Blub sent telepathically to the omnilang. “Her vital functions are within normal specifications, but she appears to…well, we are uncertain.”

“Previous behavior has included melodic chanting during work cycles,”Mmnem Nnep read from his holo-notes in his low, burbling voice. “As well as the Human sound they characterize as laughter and a social need to interact verbally with workmates. These behaviors have not been observed for three days.”

Raskli looked from one officer to another. “So, you’re saying Human Jen is…sad?”

Captain Tse’s mandibles clacked hard. “We must be cautious not to assign our own emotional responses to unfamiliar individuals of other species. It is quite possible that this is some normal Human cycle.”

“But we find little evidence in the interspecies manuals to support these changes as normal Human behavior,” Dr. Blub added. “Hence our concern.”

Raskli scratched her head spines. “Well, um. I’m sorry our Human is broken?”

First mate Nnep leaned forward, his organelles redistributing with the movement behind his translucent outer membrane. “We would like you to attempt an investigation. Try to ascertain if there is an issue. We hope a better understanding will allow us to assist.”

“Me? Why me?”

“Because you are both members of lactating placental species.” Dr. Blub blinked all four of her dark eyes slowly.

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