Camryn Eyde romancing the girlRomancing The Girl by Camryn Eyde is an utterly charming read. I had high expectations because of Eyde’s romance Tricky Wisdom – a novel I thoroughly enjoyed. I am pleased to say that I was not disappointed.

The story is about Aimee and Justine, women who start off on the wrong foot when Justine’s TV crew take over Aimee’s family farm. Justine is the producer of the show Romancing The Farmer, a reality show where city women find love with farmers. The contestants are vying to catch the eye of Aimee’s older brother, Joseph.

Aimee is angry at the influx of strangers and lashes out at them, only to discover that she is falling for the producer.

Justine, on the other hand, cannot figure out why Aimee would yell at her one minute and then try and woo her the next. She finds Aimee infuriating but attractive and cannot resist trying to break through the high walls the woman has created around her heart.

The Characters

Eyde created a wonderfully complex character in Aimee. One of the most attractive traits of Eyde’s main character’s is the fact that they make fools of themselves in grand ways.

On the flip side is Justine, a single mom, with a career and a seemingly perfect life. She is the epitome of tough, beautiful and a little aloof. That is until a disaster strikes and then she becomes a force to be reckoned with.

The Writing Style

I enjoy the way Eyde writes. Her stories are never straightforward and predictable. They take you for an unexpected and delightful ride.

I laughed out loud at times, cringed for the characters at times and even shed a tear in this one.

The Pros

It’s a fantastic read. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The Cons

My biggest con is that Eyde does not write faster. I could easily consume another ten of her novels.

The Conclusion

Brilliant novel. Great read. An absolute must. Plus it’s fun to read a novel set in Australia. If I could do a standing ovation for this book, I would.

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Excerpt from Romancing The Girl by Camryn Eyde

Aimee stepped closer still, enjoying the exhilarating rush the proximity gave her. “Excuse me? This coming from the uptight city chick coming out here in her ridiculous suits and demanding free reign over our lives. You’re a typical city idiot thinking you can come out to the bush and make it bend to your will. News flash, all it gets you is pain and misery. And for your information, I love my life.”

“I can see that, what with all the shining and pouting.”

Curling her lip, Aimee leaned in almost touching Justine’s nose with her own. “I hate you.”

Justine took a few deep breaths and said with a croak in her voice, “And my dislike for you is equally as fervent.”

Aimee shook her head and scoffed. “God, you can’t even talk like a normal person.” Her eyes fell to Justine’s lips as a sliver of tongue moved out to wet them and Aimee’s breath caught. Time slowed as her heart pounded in her ears and her heaving breath mingled with Justine’s.

Justine’s eyes flicked across Aimee’s face, settling on her lips.

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