Principle Decisions by Thea BelmontPrinciple Decisions by Thea Belmont is a BDSM, erotic romance with a gorgeous ice queen, and all the feels.

What happens when a professor enters a no-strings-attached agreement with a high school principal?

All icy, standoffish Vivienne Carter wants is to relieve her sexual tension. She doesn’t have time for relationships or feelings. She is too busy looking after her niece and making sure the family is provided for. So, when she finds a card with a phone number and two words written on it ‘Selene Dominatrix’ she decides to call. However, Vivienne gets a lot more than she bargained for, because Selene knows exactly what she wants before she wants it. Surely, she can’t possibly be falling for the beautiful dominating woman. That’s not the plan. Feelings will complicate things. But maybe complications are exactly what is needed to open the door to something wonderful.


You know the writing in the book is good when you start reading and simply cannot stop. The dialogue is superbly written. The plot flows beautifully and the characters are well developed and grow throughout the book. Belmont writes the BDSM scenes perfectly, she managed to put me in Vivienne’s headspace. They are filled with emotion, and you can tell that the author has knowledge of the subject. This is a debut novel and if this is how Belmont is writing now, I am here for all her future novels.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

Principle Decisions consumed me, I got tied up by it and was not prepared to be released until I’d finished.

This book is what it says it is. It’s packed full of gorgeous BDSM scenes from start to finish. However, what I love about this book, and what for me puts it ahead of other erotic novels I’ve read is that every scene furthers the story and romance. And my oh my what a beautiful romance it is. There are sweet moments to warm your heart in between the hot moments that warm other places. It really is a wild ride.

The romance that builds between them is gorgeous. From the start, I could feel it was more than just an arrangement. There are moments that I had tears in my eyes and one scene that broke my heart and I cried (damn ice queens get me every time!). The Physical relationship obviously begins quickly, but the romance is slow, seductive, and charming.

The book is told from Vivienne’s point of view, and I couldn’t help but love her. She’s icy so of course she captured my heart. This woman is fierce, frosty, and aloof, but she’s also broken and lonely and in need of someone to take care of her. And my oh my does Selene take care of her, in every sense of the word. The way Selene cares for Vivienne made me melt. She is so tender and as I’m typing this, I think how crazy this sounds because the woman’s favourite toy is a whip, cane, or riding crop! Yet everything she does, she does to please Vivienne. It’s stunning to witness how quickly she breaks down her defensives. Now don’t forget Vivienne is an ice queen so even though Selene breaks through, it takes her a while to keep those walls down.

The thing I love most about this book is the communication and negotiations Vivienne and Selene must navigate to make this work. It’s not easy and they don’t always get it right, in fact, they sometimes get it very wrong, but they learn, and in the end, they build something beautiful together.

The scenes that Selene ‘sets up’ for Vivienne are always respectful, she has a sixth sense as to what Vivienne needs even if that changes while they are playing. In a way, they are so delicate, it’s bewitching to witness how each scene evolves.

Heads Up

It’s a BDSM, erotic romance so if that’s not your thing then maybe skip this one.

There are some editing errors, a couple of missed words and typo’s, but nothing that affected my overall experience.

The Conclusion

annas favourite booksThis is a gorgeous romance set in the world of BDSM. It’s erotic, enticing, and full of sexy scenes. If that’s your jam, then this one is not to be missed. I loved it and once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. It has two amazing characters who are both in their early fifties and follows them on their journey that starts out as a paid arrangement and ends with them happily together.

Principle Decisions is so much more than a BDSM erotic romance. It is full of so many emotions, it has a lovely plot, and a sweet, heart-aching romance. There are a lot of ‘scenes’ in this book but each one takes the characters to different places and shows the emotions involved. They help the story evolve and show character development. This is a hot, sexy, alluring read that will keep you turning the pages until it is finished and you’re begging for more.

Excerpt from Principle Decisions by Thea Belmont

The week’s classes were exhausting. Teaching first-year undergrads reminded Vivienne why she’d avoided teaching them for the past two years. Many students failed to attend classes or, worse, reeked of cheap vodka and pot as they sat in the back of the room wearing sunglasses—as if she didn’t know what that meant. Please.

If she was going to teach, Vivienne wanted engaged students, responding to questions rather than staring blankly at her. Third-year students were used to her method of teaching, having completed her prerequisite courses. They knew how to conduct themselves, reminding Vivienne why she continued to teach.

She sat rigidly at her desk, hands curled into fists. Never again, she vowed. Even if Elijah threatened to cut her third-year courses entirely, it would be an empty threat because Janice usually taught the first-year courses, leaving Vivienne to unteach them everything in their second year.

Perhaps educating the first-year students herself was the lesser of two evils.

She needed a drink.

No, she needed a cigarette, but she’d have to leave her office for that, and she still had fifteen minutes of office hours left. Although usually, the only students who came through her office doors were there to beg for extra credit because they were failing.

Fuck it. She needed a cigarette. Opening her desk drawer, she reached in to pull out her cigarette case. She stopped at the sight of the red business card.


Vivienne picked it up.

What she needed was relief. It didn’t have to be sex; it just had to be something.

Last night she’d drained the batteries of her favorite vibrator, and despite rolling through three orgasms, desire still prickled under her skin.

Before she could change her mind, she picked up her phone and dialed the number. If the dominatrix was someone she knew, she’d end the call immediately. Her office line was private—they wouldn’t be able to call her back.

With the first ring, Vivienne’s heart pounded in her chest. Was it a good idea to engage the services of a dominatrix? Wouldn’t it be better to stop at the store and pick up some…

“Good afternoon. How can I be of service?”

Vivienne hesitated, her mouth suddenly dry. The husky voice was that of an older woman. Firm. Confident. And no one she knew.


“I”—Vivienne bit her lip—“found your business card.”

“Oh? And which business card is that?”

Which business card? Perhaps the town didn’t have enough clientele to sustain the services of a dominatrix and the woman had a primary job that paid the bills. “The red card.”

“Mm. Remind me of the services listed on that card,” the woman said in a voice that was almost a purr.

Vivienne shivered, glancing at the door of her office to make sure it was closed. “You know perfectly well.”

“I do, but you need to say it.”

“Why do I need to say it?”

“If you want this service, you need to say the word.”

Vivienne adjusted herself in the chair, tugging nervously at her skirt.

“Go on and say it, and I promise to stop teasing.”

Vivienne gulped and shut her eyes. “Dominatrix,” she whispered.

As soon as she said the word, she was filled with panic. She shouldn’t have done this from her office. Any student wandering the hall might overhear. She should have called the woman from her car or from home. Or not at all. What did she need a dominatrix for anyway? She should have picked up new batteries instead.

“Good girl. You’ve called the right woman. My name is Selene. I have an opening for tomorrow evening. Say…six o’clock?”


“And do be on time. Tardiness will be punished.”

Vivienne scoffed. She had never been late in her life. “I’ll be on time.”

“Good. Now, I’ll need a name for the booking.”

“A name?” Of course she needed a name.

“Just a first name. Don’t worry. I promise absolute discretion.”

“Vivienne,” she answered, her heart beating faster. She should have chosen a pseudonym, but it was too late now.

“Vivienne.” The woman breathed out her name. “Do you know the address?”

“No, I do not.”

Selene gave her the address with instructions to use the back entrance. “The session will be forty-five minutes. However, we’ll need to run through some housekeeping matters first, so expect to be there for an hour.”

“What sort of housekeeping matters?”

“Just a few ground rules. This needs to be enjoyable for both of us. The first rule is no alcohol beforehand. It tends to dull the senses, and I need you aware of your tolerances.”

“That’s the only rule?”

“Well, I expect you to be showered before arriving; that’s common courtesy. I do have facilities, however, in case you need to clean up before you leave.”

Vivienne squeezed her thighs together, anticipation growing inside her. The woman was having an effect on her already. “Fine.”

“Mm. Well, I need to run, but I look forward to meeting you tomorrow, Vivienne. I can’t wait to play with you.” And she hung up.

Vivienne looked down at the phone. It was booked. She was booked for tomorrow.

What the fuck was she doing?

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