the price of fame by lynn amesThe Price of Fame by Lynn Ames is the first book in her series featuring Kate and Jay. I first encountered them in the latest installment, the standalone novel Final Cut, and enjoyed coming back to the beginning to read about how they got together 30 years prior.

Jamison Parker is in Albany to interview the Governor of New York when she turns on the TV in her hotel room and sees a face she’s been thinking about for five years. Katherine Kyle is at the state capitol building, covering the wreckage after an explosion and helping as many survivors as she can. Later that night, Kate can’t believe her eyes when the woman who made her believe in love at first sight approaches her.

Kate’s exclusive coverage of the tragedy thrusts her into the national spotlight, and Jay’s boss at Time magazine wants her to write a story about Kate. Spending time together stirs up old feelings, but can their fledgling relationship stand up against Kate’s newfound fame?

The Characters

Kate and Jay have it all: they’re brilliant, beautiful, talented women who are at the top of their respective careers. Just when it looks like they might be too perfect, we see that they also each have their own flaws, especially around communication. Their snappy banter is particularly endearing and worth the price of the book alone.

The Writing Style

The Price of Fame is a page turner, moving quickly from Kate and Jay’s reconnection at the beginning of the book, to an ending that promises more to their story.

The Pros

The dialogue is so much fun that it often had me smiling and laughing.

The Cons

I can’t get into it without spoilers, so I’ll just say that I found the conflict and some of its resolution frustrating to read (for the record: I’m team Jay).

The Conclusion

I had a lot of fun reading The Price of Fame. I preferred Final Cut, but I enjoyed going back to the beginning and seeing Kate and Jay as their younger selves.

Excerpt from The Price of Fame by Lynn Ames

“Trish, you don’t need to offer me your firstborn in exchange for a great story. Hell, I’ve met your son, you can keep him!” She said it with a smile in her voice, and Trish laughed and continued to prattle on. Jay’s eyes drifted to the screen as the music came on signaling the start of the newscast. She rolled her eyes at something her editor said and was about to reply when she locked eyes on the news anchor.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe it, it’s her!” Jay didn’t even bother to say goodbye before disconnecting the call.

She sat there, mesmerized, afraid to blink lest the image disappear. For five years this woman dominated her dreams and fueled her imagination. Now, there she was…Jay ignored the ringing of the phone again, knowing it was Trish calling back. Katherine Kyle. Now I have a name to go with that unforgettable face and voice.

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  • ISBN number: 9780984052141
  • Publisher: Phoenix Rising Press

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