Prescription For Love by RadclyffePrescription For Love by Radclyffe is a wonderful, angsty romance and I just didn’t want to stop listening. So when it ended I started it all over again.

Abigail Remy has just joined the Rivers country hospital as the new ER chief. Not only is this a significant promotion for her, but she has the opportunity to give her transgender son a fresh start in a close-knit community. It seems like the perfect place for her. Until she meets Flannery Rivers, the woman she is replacing.

Flannery is feeling a little lost since Harper, her sister and closest ally, is settled down and happily married. In an attempt to regain her comfortable routine she seeks out casual flings and even though she knows the hospital expansion is necessary and therefore a new ER chief is coming to take on one of the many roles she has previously shouldered, she doesn’t like the idea.

When Abigail and Flannery meet they both realise that there is a spark that cannot be denied, but Abigail is a mother and she is not interested in the only thing Flannery can offer – a one night stand – no matter how much her blood races when she just thinks about the charming woman who clearly wants her.

The Characters

This is my absolutely favourite kind of Radclyffe pairing. One character is wild and restless and the other wants more than a one night stand. It’s just sooooooooooo good and I want tons more of it.

I also really enjoyed the side story with Blake, Abigail’s trans son and his friendship with Margie, the youngest of the River’s kids.

All the characters were well fleshed out, both from a writing and narration point of view. The chemistry between the leading ladies was wonderful and the family dynamics add something special to the mix.

The Writing Style

Radclyffe is a writing monster, churning out a number of books every year and yet each book still feels fresh and the characters are real. Whatever she drinks in her coffee, she needs to pass on to other authors.

The Narration

Abby Craden was a perfect match for this book. She got the subtleties just right. Her portrayal of Flannery’s angst and restlessness paired with Abigails reluctance and concern for her son all came through in a stunning portrayal.

The Pros

I love everything about this audiobook. The writing and narration paired up to make the perfect listen.

The Cons

If you hate good writing, angsty characters, romance or excellent narration and steamy chemistry then you will hate this book.

The Conclusion

sheena's favouritePrescription For Love is part of the Rivers Family series and if you haven’t read or listened to them yet then I highly recommend you do, it is one of my favourite series by Radclyffe. Each book is a stand a lone story and yet you get to revisit the community you love and the people who you have met in previous novels.

This series works best when you listen/read in order because there are small follow ups for the main characters from previous books. Having said that, each one will absolutely work as a stand alone because there will be a line explaining the backstory for those who do not know.

Radclyffe is a giant in the sector for a reason and when she is paired with Abby Craden, another giant in the sector, then we get an experience that can only be described as epic.

Excerpt from Prescription For Love by Radclyffe

“What have you got, beautiful,” a husky female voice called from the doorway.

Abby stepped aside as a sandy-haired woman in green scrubs barreled into the room. Even though she was average height and size, she seemed to fill the space. Maybe it was the energy pouring off her that electrified the air.

Susan responded. “Motorcycle versus tractor. Motorcycle lost.”

“Don’t they always?” The woman shook her head and pulled on booties. “ETA?”

“Ought to be pulling in right about now.”

“Perfect. I’ll be able to get my eight o’clock started on time, then.”

The woman glanced in Abby’s direction and shot her a cocky smile. “New nurse?”

Abigail forced a smile. And so it began. Surgeons never changed. Always swaggering, often condescending, and, unfortunately, necessary. She held out her hand. “Doctor. Abigail Remy.”

A smooth, firm hand enclosed hers. The dark gaze slid over her face, and a slow smile formed on a broad, shapely mouth. Good-looking and she knew it. Abby suspected this was the point where most women surrendered their panties. She tried not to swoon.

“Flannery Rivers. I guess the new residency program is starting a little bit early.”

Abigail kept her smile in place with effort and withdrew her hand. “Actually, no. I would be the ER chief.”

The playful warmth in the brown eyes chilled. “Really. And here I thought that was my job. I guess I missed the memo.”

Abby hesitated, considering whether to take up the gauntlet. Susan appeared to be watching them with the avid interest of a spectator at the US Open, her head swinging back and forth between them. Abby had no desire to be the talk of the entire hospital by lunchtime, although she probably couldn’t change anything at this point. Still, this was no place and no time to butt heads over who was going to be in charge. She planned to be, but she’d just have to update Dr. Rivers on the details later. “I’m sorry if communications have gotten twisted. I gather a lot has been happening pretty quickly here.”

“You might say that.” Flannery reached for her cap, as if to pull it off. “I guess you don’t need me here, then.”

“Actually,” Abby said, “I don’t know the code team. You should lead it.”

Flannery looked surprised and maybe a little chagrined. “Right, sorry. Sometimes I trip over my ego.”

Abby was just as surprised at the admission. Points to Rivers for good sportsmanship. Not many surgeons had the confidence to laugh at themselves, or admit their egos often outweighed their body mass. “Comes with the territory, doesn’t it?”

Flannery laughed and the cocky light returned to her eyes. “Absolutely.” “Here they come,” Susan announced at the same time as a heavyset redhead pushed a portable X-ray machine into the room.

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  • ISBN number: 9781626395701
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Audiobook Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Narrator: Aby Craden

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