The Organization by Annette Mori and Erin O'ReillyThe Organization by Annette Mori and Erin O’Reilly is the sequel to Mori’s best-selling thriller Asset Management.

The women from Asset Management are back, and this time they’re chasing Russian mob boss Leonid Petrov. Enter Val, who is sent by The Organization to infiltrate and destroy from within. Val’s tough exterior belies the torment and inner turmoil bubbling towards the surface… and when she meets Leonid’s wife, Gina, it all threatens to spill over. With clever innovations from Toni and Dani, and tactical support from Sophie, Char, and head of the Organization Maggie, Val is best placed to take Leonid down… if she can keep her mind on the job. When the past comes calling for both Val and Maggie, everything is at risk. Including Val.

As a follow up to Asset Management, The Organization is a fantastic novel. Introducing new lead characters but maintaining the importance of the leads from the earlier book is a stroke of genius from Annette Mori, and her collaboration with Erin O’Reilly can only be considered a huge success. This novel succeeds also as a stand-alone novel, although I recommend reading them in order if you are able.

The Characters

In The Organization, we become more intimately acquainted with some of the peripheral characters from Mori’s Asset Management. We are given a greater insight into the character of Maggie, the head and founder of the Organization, and while we don’t learn a lot about Maggie herself, we learn about a past that drives both the present and the future. Maggie is one of Mori’s complex and interesting characters from Asset Management that left me wanting more. In The Organization, we learn about her association with Antonio and how that has, and continues to, shape The Organization.

The character of Val is central to this novel, and Val is a complex and tough woman with plenty of past demons chasing her. Deep inside her though is a soul that seeks love and healing, and throughout the storyline we learn much more about Val than expected.

We are also introduced to Leonid, his wife Gina, and Leonid’s staff, including Gina’s brother. Leonid, a brute of a man who seems to savor violence and power is not at all a likeable character, and while Gina starts off almost difficult to like as well, as more of her story becomes available it is easier to empathize with her. Gina has an interesting character arc, as does Val, and Mori and O’Reilly have expertly wrapped the storyline around each of these characters in a way that is completely unexpected.

The Writing Style

Another fine example of how to pace a suspense thriller from Annette Mori. Without fail the twists keep coming, as do the endearing protagonists. There are numerous twists and turns throughout this book, and moments of suspense that turn into moments of complete surprise at what the authors have in store for their characters. A number of interesting and different storylines woven together masterfully.

The Pros

I love the element of surprise in this novel. Even the choice of lead character for this book was a surprise to me, but the entire way through I felt it was the best possible decision for this story. Annette Mori has a really fabulous ability to weave characters’ histories into the storyline and again this is crucial to the end product.  A really fantastic follow up to Asset Management.

The Cons

As a stand-alone book, there is no real cons…. As a sequel to Asset Management, I was a little disappointed that the main characters I had enjoyed so much moved to the periphery of this book…. Until I got to know the main characters in The Organization. Does allude again to abuse of children/young women, but no real details are provided.

The Conclusion

If you enjoyed Asset Management, it is a no-brainer to follow it up with this excellent suspense novel. If you haven’t read Asset Management yet, reading the Organization won’t spoil that for you at all. A great stand-alone novel with plenty of suspense and a touch of romance; an even better follow up to Annette Mori’s Asset Management. The collaboration between Mori and Erin O’Reilly has taken nothing away from Mori’s great characterization and twisted storylines.  A real page turner!

Excerpt from The Organization by Annette Mori and Erin O’Reilly

Images of the past returned, and a cold fury washed over her. At least she’d been the one to put the bullet in Viktor Borsky’s head. It almost scared her to think that the one event had given her more joy that anything in her life – past or present.

Val was an impatient person, and the fact it took them eighteen months to take down Viktor was unacceptable to her. She wanted to move faster with Leonid, the newly appointed head of the Russian mob. He’d been able to reestablish Viktor’s slave trade business in mere months. Unfortunately, he was also a paranoid bastard who vetted his employees carefully, so they hadn’t found a way in to his inner circle yet.

Val didn’t generally agree with her fellow agent Ronda’s perspective on how to address the Russian mob, but in this instance, she thought her colleague had the right idea. Ronda’s answer to the problem was to execute every last one of them. Val thought that was the perfect solution and right up her alley.  She excelled at executions.

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