Omnipotence Enough by Sophia Kell HaginOmnipotence Enough by Sophia Kell Hagin is the final book in the three book Jamie Gwynmorgan series. This is a dystopian thriller, and while there is love, there is very little romance. I left Book 2 wondering where Hagin was going to take Jamie in Book 3, I thought I’d be going ‘Oh God! No!’ and I was not wrong.

We start the story with Jamie in captivity, once again. She is totally alone, she cannot remember when she last saw a human face or spoke to anyone. She knows she was abducted from the street but has no idea of how long she has been held. We are there with Jamie as she tries to make sense of her surroundings, and what is happening to her. She has been in some kind of drugged state with little awareness when serendipity sends her a tiny voice recorder. From that point forward, we struggle with Jamie as she tries to work out the length of a day, where she might be and her recollection of her abduction. She is having to deal with her previous imprisonments, her understanding of her PTSD and knowing that her grasp on reality is retreating by the day. She struggles to retain her sanity, and remember before. Remember her loved ones.

Then things happen that help her remember some elements and the story takes us forward. It is based on the idea of personal freedom and what freedom should be allowed; when does freedom affect security and who should make those decisions. The premise echoes throughout the world today.

Any hint of more would spoil the thriller/mystery aspects so I will stay silent.

The Characters

Jamie Gwynmorgan is still the central character in the story although we learn that some time has passed since Book 2. We are back to the more random thoughts that were evident in Book 1, although Jamie is now older and thus the thoughts are much more mature.

However, it is evident that her personal journey is much quieter and calmer and that although she has had a lot of struggle, she was happy before she was abducted. She has love, unconditional love from the Hillinger family. She has found her soul mate, and they are happy together. She has found out more about her mother, and the life she had. But, being held in captivity has thrown all Jamie’s past issues into her head; she has to deal with them all again.

The Hillinger family are still evident in the story, particularly Lynn, although they do not have such a full role. Jamie’s wife features heavily, although I am not discussing her in any detail for spoilery reasons. As we learn about her wife’s character from Jamie’s thoughts, we understand Jamie’s reasons for her love and the power that she believes her wife holds.

Hagin continues to show how her minor characters can be so well observed. For example, Maddie Small, who is small and a thief. She is nimble, can pick pockets, is quick thinking and has lived in the tunnels below New York. She is written so well because she does something courageous, and before we know it we are invested in her, and how she deals with events. She has an innocence, which is at odds with her street knowledge and her ability to exist outside the world most people live in.

Another example is Morgenau a computer specialist, who is known internationally as a hacker. She is similarly courageous, but in contrast has no innocence and is cynical of all in authority, whether for good or not.

The Writing Style

The personal narrative continues, and as a reader, the rationing of the story, as it comes through Jamie’s recollections and actions mean that you are turning pages rapidly. Hagin is so very good at dealing with the slightly insane personal recollections, the rambling and jumble. She does it in such a way that as a reader you are barely aware of her deft touch.

The thriller element is very well done, and while the breadcrumb trail through the story does give some clues, it does not detract from the mystery in my view.

The Pros

The personal narrative with Hagin’s rich use of language has been my great love of all three books in the series. Jamie Gwymorgan is the thing that carries you through the work and she is one of those characters that you find yourself thinking about long after you have finished the book. Captivity repeats itself for her, and she wonders why? So, do you.

The Cons


valdens favourite booksThe Conclusion

We have continued to follow Jamie Gwynmorgan through her life from her personal viewpoint. She was held captive again and how she deals with it, makes it her unique story.

The people she meets along the way make her journey interesting and any of them could be part of further stories. I can see it is possible that there could be more to come in the series, or stand-alone stories featuring characters from the Hillinger family or for example Maddie Small. I have my fingers crossed.

Excerpt from Omnipotence Enough by Sophia Kell Hagin

“My name is Philippa Flynn. I am—I was—senior assistant vice president of investment risk management at MetraGlobal Bank in New York. I’ve been abducted and I believe I’m going to be killed because I’ve seen a face I recognize. Robert Strauss—I met him recently at a Georgica Corporation audit board meeting. He was with one of the directors, and he’s seen me, too. In this horrible place. But he wasn’t a prisoner like me. Dear god, I understand now. It’s about—”

And there she stops. That’s all she said.

Don’t know if this little black stick, Philippa’s gift to me, will matter. But at least it works. Has loads of storage left. It’ll take a kinetic recharge, too, which means if I’m careful I can keep it functioning in here indefinitely.

So okay. My name is Jamie Gwynmorgan and this is AF1.

Whenever the hell that is. Wherever the hell this is.

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