More Than Words by Harper BlissMore Than Words by Harper Bliss is the ninth installment in her Pink Bean series. Like all the others, this one can be read as a standalone story.

Katherine Jones is excited that the next chapter in her life is starting. After retiring from her job as a high-end escort, she’s opening a Pink Bean coffee shop with her best friend, Rocco. All they need is some reno work on their store space and everything will be ready.

Rocco’s favourite aunt, Hera Walker, has a business doing renovations, so she’s a natural choice to revamp their space. It’s the first job Hera’s taken since the death of her longtime partner, so it’s a little tougher for her than usual. It also doesn’t help that she’s totally put off by Kat’s former profession, which she isn’t afraid to make clear with her standoffishness.

Can Hera look past her prejudices to see Kat for the fabulous person she is? And can Kat win Hera over just by being herself?

The Characters

Kat is awesome. She first showed up in a particularly memorable scene in Love Without Limits, so I was happy to see her return for her own book. Hera was so rude to her that I kept thinking Kat could do better, but she obviously saw something in Hera, so who am I to begrudge her the happily ever after she gets?

Hera’s narrowmindedness about Kat’s former career totally rubbed me the wrong way. Is it realistic? Yes, because plenty of people think sex work is wrong and don’t see it as real work. She gets past it, thankfully, but I would have liked to have seen a little more of what caused that shift, since it felt a bit abrupt.

Fans of the rest of the series will be pleased to know there are cameos from many of our favourite characters, especially Caitlin James. And while it doesn’t really matter if you don’t know who they are, you’ll be especially glad to catch up with old friends if you do know them.

The Writing Style

This was a super easy read that was quick to sink into. I loved getting to return to the sights and sounds of the series, even if this particular Pink Bean branch is a new one, because it was like getting to go on a day trip to a favourite place.

It’s told in the first person, alternating between Kat and Hera’s perspectives. This worked well for letting us get to know both women and see how they grow as they each go on their own emotional journey.

The Pros

Kat. 100%, hands down, she’s the best part of the book for me. She’s warm and lovely and I’d happily read hundreds of pages about her.

The Cons

Again, I didn’t love Hera, particularly her prejudices about Kat’s job. I also found it strange that she never asked Kat if she’d been tested for STIs or asked for any kind of safer sex practices, given how put off she was by her former career.

The book also ended a bit too abruptly for my liking, although it does give Hera and Kat an optimistic ending.

The Conclusion

If you’re a fan of the series, you should definitely pick up More Than Words. If you haven’t read anything by Bliss, or haven’t read any of the Pink Bean books, you could start here and be happy. I’m curious to see what’s next in this series, and hope it will be Jill’s book!

Excerpt from More Than Words by Harper Bliss

“Do you need me to stick around?” Katherine asks. It’s the first time we’re alone and she keeps pushing a strand of dark hair behind her ear.

“It appears I forgot my coffee flask this morning.” Rocco’s words echo in my mind and I’m doing my best to not see her as a hooker, but as any other woman—and my nephew’s business partner. “Would it be terribly rude to ask you to get me a coffee from that place you always disappear to?” I throw in a smile and everything.

“No flask today,” Kat says. “Whatever happened?”

“I had trouble falling asleep last night,” I blurt out. “I snoozed through my alarm this morning and had to rush out the door.”

“Are the renovations keeping you awake?” Kat makes intense eye-contact when she speaks—probably a trick from her former life.

“No, nothing like that. I have bouts of insomnia. I’m not a very good sleeper on the best of nights.”

“Hence the flask.” She sends me a wide smile now.

“You figured me out.” I find myself smiling back.

“A long black?” Katherine asks.


“Your beverage of choice? I’ve seen you drink your coffee black, so shall I bring you that?”

“Oh, right. Yes, that would be lovely.” I shrug. “It’s quite ironic that I’m renovating a future coffee shop and don’t know the first thing about all the modern coffee drinks. I’m used to just drinking plain old coffee.”

“Plain old coffee is the new hype. We’ll have that on offer as well, if you were to swing by when this place is up and running.”

I roll my eyes. “And pay five dollars for a cup.”

Katherine gives a slight shake of the head. “The builder drinks for free, of course.”

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