Meet You At The End Of The World by Natasha WestMeet You At The End Of The World by Natasha West is a story set in post apocalyptic England. The world is brutal and the population is sparse, infrastructure is crumbling and bodies lie rotting in large piles because there just were not enough people left to deal with all the dead.

Rachel is a loner. She walks, camps and walks some more. She avoids areas where she could become a target and al the while tries to forget losing the love of her life. One day a teenage boy points a gun at her and changes her world forever.

Alice lives on a family farm with her brother, his wife and their teenage son. But when her brother doesn’t come home from his run to a nearby town for a car part then she begins to worry. So, when Rachel is unexpectedly thrust into her life Alice takes the opportunity to quiz her about her travels. As it turns out there is a fair possibility that Rachel knows where Alice’s brother is and for some reason she agrees to show them.

That is easier said than done in a world filled with people who are no longer controlled by the law. Rachel finds herself becoming more than a guide when she and Alice start to have feelings for one another.

But will they find Alice’s brother alive, escape all the obstacles they encounter and be able to live happily ever after? The odds are not in their favour but this is a journey you don’t want to miss.

The Characters

Alice is sick of living with her sister in law. She want’s out but she can’t leave until they find her brother. It’s his family and someone has to look after her nephew.

Rachel likes being alone, she likes how independent she is and she likes not having to care for anyone else. Then she meets Alice. Determined not to feel anything she tries to deny the attraction that is there, but really when is that ever successful?

The Writing Style

I LOVE the way Natasha West writes. This one is not as witty as some of her other books but the use of language, the originality and the way she constructs characters makes this a compelling book.

The Pros

I loved how original the story was. A lot of post-apocalyptic stories focus on staying alive or finding shelter. This one is about finding a missing person. That alone makes it worth the read, then when you add in an excellent set of characters and great writing you get this one.

The Cons

The book has a couple of typos and missing commas.

sheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

I absolutely adore this book and I want you to read it and experience the awesomeness too.

It’s got enough post-apocalyptic detail to make it fun without making it overly complicated. It’s got enough awesome character moments to make you fall in love with them and the romance is sweet but not the main thrust of the story.

I loved every word and look forward to reading it again.

Excerpt from Meet You At The End Of The World by Natasha West

No one took it too seriously at first. It was something happening somewhere else, in South America. The reports said it was an epidemic, but we didn’t really care, it wasn’t our problem. Then the death toll began to get rather big. Then it got enormous.

That’s when people here, on our little island of England, began to wonder what might happen if the pandemic found its way over.

And then it did.

They shut the borders pretty quick, but it made no difference. It was almost as if it was already everywhere by the times symptoms showed, like some secret spy cell, in place, among us, waiting to announce itself to the world, a world that was stupid enough to think it could fight this off; that it wasn’t the end. People all over the planet, dying in droves. They couldn’t clear the bodies quick enough. From the first report to the waves of death, it took a few months. But it was a flu, right? That meant that someone would come up with a cure, eventually. And then we’d all be saved. Right?

Wrong. I heard people were working on it, maybe they even came up with something. But by that time, it was too little, too late. It was too widespread. If you were gonna get it, you were gonna get it. And if you had a natural immunity, then you’d live. That’s how it worked out in the end, some accident of genetics would decide your fate, decided all of our fates. You know that expression, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’? People always forget the second part, which goes, ‘But it burned in one.’ And that was us, thousands of years in the making, months in the undoing.

I was among the living. Eventually, I came to wish I hadn’t been. Maybe that sounds a bit defeatist. But if you were there for it, you’ll understand.

But it’s different now. I’m alive, I’m alone and that works. I’ll never have to watch anyone else I love die again because there’s no one left that I love anymore. I just keep travelling, not really going anywhere, just moving, moving, moving. Because I can. Because I’m not dead. So all that’s left is to keep going.

On occasion, I wonder about the pockets of humanity I run across from time to time, the people left over who cling to each other. Farms and small communities, working together in the name of that old saying: ‘Safety in numbers’.

But it was our proximity that killed us, made it easy for the plague to spread, always another warm body nearby to jump to. And it was our proximity that caused all the pain, forcing you to watch people you loved – partners, family, friends, even children… Fall.

So fuck proximity. I can’t think of anything more dangerous.

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