Making A Comeback by Julie BlairMaking A Comeback by Julie Blair is definitely a love story. It’s about two women who find the courage to take another chance on love after suffering through the pain of crippling guilt and devastating loss. From their chance meeting onward, it’s clear that these two tortured souls are meant to be together.

At its core though, this story is as much about the main characters’ love affair with music as it is about their slow-burn romance. Jazz permeates this novel to the point that the reader can almost hear music. It was the first novel that I had the pleasure of reading by this author. I assure you that it won’t be the last.

Liz Randle is a gifted jazz pianist. She had it all, personally and professionally, until she lost her wife to leukemia. She’s a strong woman struggling to find her way alone.

Jac Winters is a talented classical trumpeter. A devastating accident robbed her of her sight and left her in chronic pain, but it’s the guilt that she carries that has disabled her. Fate intervenes when Liz literally knocks Jac off her feet. As their love for each other grows, it intertwines with their music, and helps them heal.

Writing Style

The story was smooth, descriptive, and well written. For the most part the pacing was steady, although there were a couple points where it slowed down.


The main characters were believable, likeable, and extremely well developed. The secondary characters were interesting and well placed in the novel.


The writing was as smooth as soft jazz. The story was detailed and easy to follow. The romance between Liz and Jac was tender. It developed slowly and they had good chemistry as a couple. The slow-burn pace made their developing relationship all the more believable.


Music is woven through the fabric of this novel. It you don’t like music, then this may not be a book that you want to read.


I like music, but I’m not crazy about it. It’s possible that my years spent taking piano lessons as a young child robbed me of whatever enthusiasm I might have had. Five years. Two songs.

That’s it. I was definitely no Liz or Jac. That being said, the fact that I loved this novel, a novel all about music, is probably all that I need to say. It was a great read and I’ll read it again. But before I do, I’ll circle back to read the author’s debut novel, Never Too Late.

Excerpt from Making A Comeback by Julie Blair

“She didn’t know how long they played, or even what they played—jazz, classical— it blended and separated, climaxed and softened, surged and ebbed, fusing into something new. She couldn’t take her eyes off Jac, blurred into soft edges by tears. When she’d said all she had to say, she dropped her hands to her lap.”

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