Love’s Verdict by Carsen TaiteLove’s Verdict by Carsen Taite is a lovely opposites attract, workplace romance.

Carly Pachett has been busting her ass for five years at the law firm Sturges and Lloyd and she knows she deserves to be made partner. She’s in for a shock, however, when she’s told that there’s only one partnership spot available and she’ll be competing for it against Landon Holt, a hotshot out of their Austin office.

Even worse, there’s a catch. Carly and Landon have to work together defending an NFL player in a murder case and at the end of it, one of them will get prize they’ve been working towards for years. Rivalry might be embedded in the process, since both women want the promotion, but teamwork is necessary if their client has a chance of winning his case.

Carly may be buttoned up, high strung and methodical, but she’s drawn in by Landon’s charm, warmth and carefree spirit. Can they resist the chemistry that builds between them, or will the contest take care of that problem for them?

The Characters

I so enjoyed reading about Landon and Carly. Whether they were at odds or making out and everywhere in between, every scene with them was fantastic. Both women are brilliant and bring different strengths to the courtroom and their relationship, making them a formidable pair.

The Writing Style

Like Sidebar and It Had to Be a Crime, Love’s Verdict is more of a romance than a romantic suspense. The romance is compelling and it builds slowly from their place as rivals to a totally lovely partnership that made me smile.

The Narration

It pains me to say this because I’m normally a huge fan of Nicola Victoria Vincent’s narration, but it didn’t work for me in this case. The voices weren’t always differentiated well enough and the accents were all over the place. I found it jarring when she’d be using a nondescript American accent, only to bring in British pronunciations here and there.

The romance was enjoyable, so I pressed on. I’d encourage you to listen to the sample for this one before deciding whether or not to buy it. You’ll know pretty quickly if it’s likely to bother you like it did for me, or if you’ll enjoy it just the way it is.

The Pros

The romance, 100%. I totally loved it and that’s what kept me coming back for more, finding opportunities to listen whenever I could.

The Cons

As mentioned, the narration didn’t work for me.

Also, and I don’t know that this is a con per se, but there’s a bit of a thriller element to it that, while fun, I was able to predict immediately. I didn’t mind because the book’s more of a romance than anything else, but if you’re looking for something a little more twisty, you may want to check out Reasonable Doubt or A More Perfect Union instead.

The Conclusion

If you’ve been looking for a great enemies to lovers, workplace romance, you should definitely pick this one up. It’s fun and sweet, and I totally enjoyed reading about Carly and Landon falling for each other.

Excerpt from Love’s Verdict by Carsen Taite

“Who is she?” Carly asked, almost in a whisper to herself. Almost.

“That’s Landon Holt, from the Austin office. She started just a few months before you.”

Landon Holt. Carly rolled the name over in her mind. Of course she’d heard the name. The business of the Austin and Dallas offices intersected on occasion, and she’d met several of the partners and associates from Austin, but never Landon. Word was she never came to Dallas, and rumors swirled around the office as to why that was the case, but Carly didn’t spend her valuable time paying attention to idle gossip.

As Landon made the rounds, Carly found it surprising Landon didn’t spend much time in Dallas since she worked the room like she owned the place. She treated everyone to an intense smile, a lingering handshake, and fully focused attention. Landon talked and laughed and handled each interaction like it was the most important meeting she’d have that day, and for a moment Carly forgot her usual reticence about social events and wished she was on the receiving end of a Landon Holt encounter.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781635550429
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Audiobook Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc
  • Narrator: Nicola Victoria Vincent
  • Carsen Taite’s Website

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