Lost For Words by Andrea BramhallLost For Words by Andrea Bramhall is a lovely romantic comedy about facing your greatest fears, chasing your dreams, learning the art of living fully and embracing true love.

Sasha Adams believes that she has everything that she could ever want or need, however, she still lives at home with her elderly mother who is always up to random acts of mischief and behaves like a teenager. She is a massage therapist and she works side by side with her best friend, Bobbi and they spend most of their waking hours hanging out together, so that should make her happy, right? Sasha’s true happiness lies between the pages of the stories that she creates in her spare time. Fleur and Bobbi realized the source of Sasha’s joy comes from breathing life into her characters one word at a time and they decided to enter one of her stories into a popular scriptwriting competition that has the ability to change her entire life.

Jac Kensington is a director and film producer. Jac has overcome numerous personal obstacles and she has toiled for the past thirty years to get the kind of status she has always wanted. She has everything within her grasp except for one thing— a loving partner to share her life with. She assists in a yearly scriptwriting competition as a way of finding new and talented writers and her company turns their stories into unforgettable movies.

Will Sasha be able to face her fears and accept the new opportunity that awaits her? Would Sasha and Jac be able to find the happiness they desire?

The Characters

Jac Kensington is a film producer and director. Jac’s movies are well-known and she works tirelessly with the hope that she would be able to turn every dream she has ever had into reality. I’ve got a huge crush on Jac! (I know that I am being terribly biased here but I just love butch women who have so many positive qualities that I adore.) Jac has everything that I would want in a partner because she is very understanding, supportive, compassionate, romantic and she’s got that gorgeous butch swag that has me swooning every time I think about her.

Sasha Adams is a massage therapist and she works at an elite spa. Sasha is not happy with her life but she is content with taking care of her mother, working alongside her best friend and writing beautiful stories whenever she has the time. I’m not going to lie, I rolled my eyes a few times at Sasha’s inability to enjoy each moment as it comes because she is so busy panicking and trying to predict the future. Sasha is such a sweetheart even though she frets about all of the changes that are happening in her life. Her fun-loving, caring, responsible and trustworthy nature made me want to give her a huge hug through my kindle.

Fleur Adams is Sasha’s mom and she is the life of any party and she’s definitely the live wire in this story! I have so much love this quirky and feisty woman because she is not afraid to live her life on her own terms and she says whatever is on her mind.

The Writing Style

This story hit all of the right spots for me because it has humour, situations that tug on my heartstrings and it has vibrant and bizarre characters that I adore. I just love the way the author portrayed each character’s innermost thoughts and feelings because I was able to form vivid images of these amazing women in my mind.

The Pros

I really enjoy stories that make me laugh out loudly in public spaces and this story did not disappoint because I received a lot of side eye glances at work, in a queue at the bank and even on the bus (I read anywhere and I have no regrets!) This story scored a lot of points with me because it contains some realistic and touching scenarios.

The Cons

I’m upset that this delightful story wasn’t longer!

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

I will readily admit that I’m a sucker for romantic comedies but this story is so much more than just a humorous tale where two women meet in a once in a lifetime situation and fall in love. This wonderful story encourages you to enjoy every moment of your life, even the mundane moments. While I was having the time of my life laughing at Fleur’s quirky behavior, I took this important life lesson to heart— you have the power to make your journey through this life whatever you want it to be; whether you choose to make it an enjoyable, depressing, angry or anxious journey. It all comes down to how you look at things and the moment you decide to welcome new experiences as they come, the happier your life will be.

Excerpt from Lost For Words by Andrea Bramhall

“Are you okay?” Jac asked softly. The woman looked like she was about to run, and Jac was pretty sure that wouldn’t end well, given the heels she was wearing.

“Oh, no. I mean yes, I’m fine, thank you.”

That voice. Elkie Brooks dipped in honey wasn’t even close. The husky tone, the subtle vibrato that shook even in speech, made Jac’s insides quiver. It was Sasha. Jac would recognize that voice anywhere. She’d been dreaming about it for days. Her breath caught in her throat as she wrapped her fingers around the woman’s arm to stop her from leaving, because Oh. My. God.

Sasha Adams was a knockout. Long dark hair, verging on black, hung down her back, slipping over one shoulder as she moved. Jac guessed her height at around five-foot-five, as even in the three inch heels, she was still considerably shorter than her own six foot. But, my, what she was packing into those five feet and five inches was making Jac drool. Beneath the dark grey suit, Jac could see she was barely disguising curves that would make Jessica Rabbit weep. When their gazes met, Jac felt like she was falling into eyes as deep and rich as melted chocolate.

“Ms. Adams?”

She nodded, and placed her hand on top of Jac’s, still wrapped around her forearm. She squeezed a little, a subtle reminder that she was touching and she shouldn’t. But Jac could feel the tremble in those long fingers. Nerves? Or a simple reaction to being touched by a stranger?

“Sorry, forgive me. I’m Jaclyn Kensington. Please call me Jac.”

Sasha didn’t move or say anything, and Jac couldn’t help herself. She knew she was moving, but she felt unable to control or stop herself as she lifted Sasha’s hand to her lips and kissed it.

What the fuck? This is a business lunch, not a pickup bar. Tone it down, idiot, before she slaps you.

She glanced at Sasha’s face in time to see her lick her lips, an unconscious gesture, no doubt, but a telling one. Jac grinned, relieved she didn’t seem to be in trouble for her display. She waved one arm towards the building behind them.

“Shall we?”

Sasha nodded again and allowed Jac to tuck her hand into the crook of her elbow as she led the way through the doors and down the stairs into the restaurant.

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