Just-Physical-by-JaeJust Physical by Jae is the third book in Jae’s Hollywood Series, featuring Jill Corrigan, who was previously introduced as Grace’s best friend and sidekick in Damage Control. Jill is an actress who is having difficulties finding work not because she outed herself as a lesbian, but because she outed herself at the same time as having Multiple Sclerosis. Grace’s partner Lauren, however, is able to get her a prominent role in Shaken to the Core, the film she wrote about the great San Francisco earthquake in 1906.

Jill isn’t happy to learn that she will have a stunt double for even the simplest things like tripping over a bedpan, and Kristine “Crash” Patterson doesn’t understand at first why she’s needed for the job. After getting off on the wrong foot, it’s clear there’s an attraction between them, but there’s one problem: Jill won’t get involved romantically with anyone because she never wants to become a burden to someone else. The solution? Keep things just physical.

The Characters

It was no surprise to me that I would love Jill in Just Physical because as soon as I finished reading Damage Control, I tweeted to ask Jae if she was going to write a book for her. Jill relies on humour to hide her vulnerability and thinks she’s made her peace with living with MS. Her arc revolves around how much farther she has to go in accepting and living with her new normal and is poignant and so well done.

I have a huge soft spot for Crash. She’s sweet and sexy (because, yes, this is a romance novel), but her consideration for Jill and her boundaries, as well as her own road through learning about MS, made her a character I admired.

I was happy to see Lauren and Grace again, and side characters like Sally and George round things out nicely.

The Writing Style

Just Physical is very well written, which is exactly what I expect from Jae at this point in her career. It’s a solid standalone novel, but because I had read the rest of the series, I was happy to see familiar characters again.

I don’t know enough about MS to personally speak to how she writes Jill’s experience, but I’ve seen others comment that it’s very accurate.

The Pros

Great characters, great romance. I loved everything about this book.

The Cons

None for me. I love this book.

The Conclusion

taras favourite lesbian booksThis is my favourite book in the Hollywood Series and my favourite of all of Jae’s books that I’ve read so far. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Excerpt from Just Physical by Jae

“Stop!” Jill pressed one hand against Crash’s terrycloth-clad shoulder to push her away, but somehow her hand lingered.

Crash froze, her lips still pressed to Jill’s skin. Slowly, she lifted her head with a look on her face as if Jill had slapped her.

“I mean…wait,” Jill said quickly. “If we’re going to do this, we need to establish some ground rules first.”

“Rules?” Crash repeated. One of the corners of her mouth twitched as if it couldn’t decide whether to lift into an amused grin or turn down into an expression of dismay.

Those full, tempting lips… Jill tore her gaze away so she could think. “Rules,” she said again. “This will be just a one-time thing. Once we’re back in LA, we’ll go back to being just friends and never mention it again. No declarations of love. No commitment. No promises of a happily-ever-after. No expectations beyond this one night. No flowers, no dates, no endearments. Just something physical. Some safe fun, nothing else.” She looked Crash in the eyes. “Can you do that?”

Crash nodded.

“Say it. I need to hear it.”

“No declarations of love. No commitment. No happily-ever-afters,” Crash repeated. “Just sex.” Her lips quirked into a devilish grin. “Hot, steamy, mind-blowing sex.”

A wave of desire shot through Jill. The wild, passionate look in Crash’s eyes jolted something inside of her, but still she held back. She needed to be sure, even if it might ruin the spontaneity of the moment, so she opened her mouth to tick off more rules.

“You talk too much. “ Crash tightened her grip on Jill’s waist, pulled her closer, and interrupted her words with a demanding kiss.

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