Graceful Waters by BL Miller and Verda FosterGraceful Waters by BL Miller and Verda Foster is a collaboration between two authors who have written independently as well.

Graceful Waters is a troubled seventeen year old sent to a camp for delinquents, Sapling Hill. Joanna Carey is the senior instructor and she comes down hard on Grace. Grace is angry and disillusioned. When Carey manages to break through Grace’s defences and Grace finally realises that Carey just wants to help she begins to admit to feelings for her instructor. Carey is suffering from a broken heart and resists Grace. This story spans several years and there is a happy ending.

The Characters

While not badly written, I found the characters to be a little flat. Grace was too typically angry and Carey was too typically good. I would have liked to see some depth. I would have liked to see Carey struggling more with her attraction to a seventeen year old in her charge rather than just denying it or saying that nothing can happen.

The Writing Style

The story kept me interested enough to keep reading, but it didn’t blow my mind or change the way I thought about life. The pace was fine. There were a few slower spots that I could have lived without and I would have enjoyed a little more research into these facilities to give me a perspective of what it is really like to be in a juvenile detention facility.

The Pros

It was a decent read.

The Cons

It wasn’t excellent. It could have used more emotive, heart wrenching plot points and more character depth. I also thought more research could have been put into the advice given to the girls.

The Conclusion

It’s not a bad read. I would recommend it if you want something that isn’t taxing with a central theme of teacher/student relationships.

Excerpt from Graceful Waters by BL Miller and Verda Foster

Grace remained quiet as Instructor Carey led her to the administration building, not wanting to do any more pushups. “We’re going to do something about that hair of yours,” Carey said as she unlocked the door tabled “Barber.”

“No way,” Grace said. ” You’re not fucking touching my hair.”

Carey was immediately at her right side. “Did I ask you a question?” she yelled into Grace’s ear. “Drop and give me ten! You don’t get to make the decisions around here, do you understand? Do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Grace said as she pushed up with her arms.

“What do you think people think when they see that rainbow on your head? They see a freak, not someone to take seriously. Is that what you want people to think of you?”

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