Get It Right by Skye KilaenGet it Right by Skye Kilaen is a romance about finally being in the right place at the right time with the right person.

When Finn first met and fell for Vivi, there was no way to act on the attraction. Finn was in prison and Vivi was the nurse she worked with every day in the pharmacy. Finn was devastated when Vivi left with no warning eight months ago, but that’s all in the past.

Now Finn’s out and building a new life for herself in Austin, with help from her cousin. Sure, not having a car or home of her own isn’t the best, but hopefully she’ll be able to find a job and put her past behind her.

When Finn goes to a low-income clinic for migraine medication, she’s in for the shock of her life: Vivi’s living in Austin too, and she works at the clinic. The attraction is as strong as ever and now they’re free of the power imbalance that was in place when they knew each other before. Can Finn finally muster the courage to share her feelings with Vivi?

The Characters

The whole story is told from Finn’s perspective, in the third person. While that means we’re only told about Finn’s thoughts and feelings, I appreciated that Vivi is so expressive with her face and body that we get a good idea of what she’s feeling too. For example, Finn is a totally useless lesbian at first, not at all recognizing that Vivi is a) happy to see her and b) disappointed to realize that Finn isn’t at the clinic to reconnect with her. It’s easy for readers to pick up on Vivi’s feelings in that scene because of her body language. She lights up when she first sees Finn, only to shut down and retreat into nurse mode once Finn explains why she’s there.

Both leads feel like real people with real problems. Finn is insecure and still dealing with the emotional aftermath of having been in prison, and her migraines are debilitating. Vivi, on the other hand, is trying to decide what to do about being unexpectedly pregnant when Finn reappears in her life.

The Writing Style

Get it Right is easy to get into and, because it’s a novella, can be read in a sitting.

Also, because Finn and Vivi are already in love with each other (even if neither of them knows the feelings are mutual), the relationship development is very different from most romances. This isn’t about feelings starting to build. It’s about deciding what to do with feelings that are already there.

My Favourite Parts

One of the most powerful things about this story, for me, is that we see Vivi go through the decision about whether to have an abortion or whether to continue with her pregnancy. She takes her time considering the situation from all angles, with no judgement for people who don’t make the same choice that she does. This was refreshing to read about and I’d love to see more of it.

Heads Up

The epilogue doesn’t work for me. It takes place shortly after the end of the last chapter and it’s not about Vivi and Finn’s relationship. It’s actually about Vivi and her family. That left me scratching my head and wondering why it was handled like that.

Also, for anyone wondering, absolutely nothing happens romantically between Vivi and Finn during their time together at the prison. I was happy to see this because Vivi had so much power over Finn at the time that it would have made the idea of consent questionable. When they meet up in Austin and eventually get together, they’re on equal footing.

The Conclusion

Get it Right is the first in a new series related to a coffee shop in Austin, so I’m curious to see what’s next. I appreciated reading something different from the usual lesfic fare and I’d recommend it if you want to change up your reading list.

Excerpt from Get it Right by Skye Kilaen

Finn said goodbye to the doctor and the kittens and stepped back out into the hall—

Only to see Vivienne Curiel walking towards her.

Even after eight months, Finn knew she couldn’t be anyone else. Vivi’s bun had lavender in it now, and was higher, almost on top of her head, and now her scrubs were hot pink instead of prison staff blue. She’d put on some weight and looked seriously va-va-voom. Vivi glanced up from the chart she’d been scanning and stopped short about five feet away, her lip-glossed mouth dropping open. She was as stunning as the day Finn had last seen her, the day Vivi had said a cheery goodbye as if everything was completely normal.

Finn waited to find out if Vivi would come closer, or turn around and go as if they’d never even known each other, as if they’d never been… whatever they had never been.

Vivi closed her mouth, made her decision, and walked to the open doorway Finn was blocking. Her voice came out higher than Finn remembered it. Nervous. “Finn? How did— Um, what are you doing here?”

Not the first words Finn had been hoping to hear. When she couldn’t stop herself daydreaming about running into Vivi somewhere, she’d envisioned something along the lines of Finn, oh wow, how are you? or Thank goodness you’re free, take me home and cover me with kisses.

Okay, not really the last one. That would be weird.

Finn held up her post-visit printout like an elementary school hall pass while she waited for her brain to reboot. She couldn’t stop staring at Vivi. There were dark circles under her eyes which Finn didn’t remember from before. Vivi was exhausted, or maybe sick. Also gorgeous and standing right here. Finn’s nervous system had no idea what to do with all this information.

“I guess you’re—” Vivi started, as Finn managed “Are you o—”

They both stopped.

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