Framily by Alesha NicholeFramily by Alesha Nichole is a story about a group of women who prove that family is what you make it.

Through vignettes of each woman’s experience, Framily explores a year in this circle of friends. It’s an elevating, feel-good story that will have you cheering along through the successes and the tribulations of each woman.

Neveah is an event planner with a solid career. Her love life on the other hand, now that’s a mess. Neveah had her heart broken by her first love and has spent years trying to numb the pain. Since that heartbreak, she’s never allowed another woman to get close to her emotionally, until now. After years of avoiding any connection, she can’t deny what’s developing with the beautiful bar owner Marie. Although she’s terrified at the thought of being hurt again, she’s willing to give this relationship a shot. But when her first love shows up out of the blue, will Neveah be able to move forward with Marie, or is this her second chance at first love?

Imani is a smooth-talking stud who, like her best friend Neveah, keeps a trail of women but never holds on to them long. Even though she’s not a reliable lover, she’s a fiercely loyal and trustworthy friend. She’s often the voice of reason for her friends, but she’s never been able to follow her own advice. Imani has never been pressed to hold onto one woman and she’s never had reason to mind her reputation. All that is about to change, because she’s finally met a woman who can put a lock on her heart. Can Imani find a way to break down her reputation so the woman of her dreams will accept her heart?

Tiara is sugar and spice. She’s never without advice and is always the first to speak up, even when the opinion isn’t popular. Like Imani, she’s intensely protective of her friends, but unlike Imani and Neveah, Tiara isn’t the player type. She just hasn’t found Mrs. Right …yet. Just when Tiara least expects it, she receives a startling confession from an unlikely source. Tiara can’t share the revelation with her group of friends, but how long can she keep a secret like this from those who love her most?

Eliana is a photographer who is certain that there’s a project around the corner that will skyrocket her into success. She’s got a steady income, but her sights are set on a much bigger scale of photography. Eliana also has some growing pains in her personal life. She’s got unmatched sexual chemistry with her on-again off-again girlfriend Trisha; physically, they equal one another perfectly. In every other department, they’re a disaster. When Trisha goes too far, will Eliana finally listen to her friends and let Trisha go for good, or will she push to make a future with Trisha out of the shambles of the old relationship?

The newest member of the framily is Cassidy. She’s a military lady stationed locally who fell right into the group like the missing piece of the puzzle. Cassidy has as many differences from the group as she does similarities, but she’s never felt more at home than with the girls. At one of Neveah and Imani’s famous parties, Cassidy connects with a friend of Marie’s and they fall hard for one another. But when Cassidy finds out where her next assignment is, will her new girlfriend and her best friends be able to support her, or will she find herself an outsider once again?

Anita and Jasmine are the solid foundation of the circle. Both studs, Anita is the more serious of the two while Jasmine tends to be on the sillier side- just like when she coined the term ‘framily’ to describe their group. Anita and Jasmine have been together nearly a decade and they are what all of the women want – to be madly in love. Anita is a police officer, a career fraught with risk, and she’s up for a promotion at work. When a workplace accident sends shockwaves through Anita and Jasmine’s life, will it be a splitting in the foundation, or will it become the catalyst they need to take their relationship to the next level?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

I loved the positivity of this story! These women are the friend group that I dream of. They cheer each other on and want the most success for their friends. It’s a dream!

I also appreciated that the sex scenes were varied. Although each one was quite short, they were not all a repeat of the last. Each scene felt as if it were crafted special for the unique couple featured.

If Alesha Nichole wrote a sequel, I’d be in line for it.

Cons And Heads Up

The writing style and language used are simple and basic, which may be a downside for some readers.

The Conclusion

Read this book! It’s fun, upbeat, and filled with positivity and heartfelt romance – I definitely recommend it.

TLDR (too long didn’t read)

Framily by Alesha Nichole is a story of a group of friends who are navigating life and love with the support of one another. Filled with encouragement, inspiration, and romance, I recommend this book for anyone in need of a boost!

Excerpt from Framily by Alesha Nichole

Imani said “All I’m saying is I’ve known you for like fifteen years now. I know you. Ever since Saria broke your heart you’ve been content with playing the field. Maybe she’d ruin that I’m a smooth-talking badass who can have any girl I want persona you hold on to ever so tightly. Maybe she’d make you consider renting that U-Haul. Something only one girl has been able to do, and that scares the shit out of you because last time that happened, your heart was shattered into a million pieces.”

Tiara took a sip from her beer and teased “Not the U-Haul.”

Neveah made a disapproving sound but had no response. She knew Imani was right.

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