Flipped by Caitlin RyanFlipped by Caitlin Ryan is an angst-filled romance set amid the backdrop of a home improvement reality show.

Molly has made the limits of her life quite small. A travel agent who is afraid to fly, she lives at home with her mother in Las Vegas. Although her best friend, Jorge, and her mother encourage Molly to stretch her wings, she is happy to curl up at home with another episode of Flick and Kim.

Flick and Kim have made their name as a dynamic renovation duo who appear to be a perfect lesbian couple with two adorable kids. However, ratings are falling and they are feeling the pressure.

Molly’s mom enters a contest to have Flick and Kim renovate her home. She has put Molly’s name on the entry, along with a sob story about Molly’s mom dying. The problem? Flick and Kim have chosen Molly as their lucky winner. The bigger problem?

Molly finds herself wildly attracted to Flick, and the feeling seems to be mutual. Will Molly keep up the charade and keep her hands to herself, or will the house of cards come tumbling down?

The Characters

I related to Molly’s fear of taking a risk. Her cocooned life made her seem younger than her true age, and I was rooting for someone to kick her out of her rut throughout the book.

Flick is also a bit stuck, and Molly provides a spark in her life that has been missing for a while. Flick comes across as mature and responsible, and she understandably struggles with how a relationship with Molly would affect Kim, the kids, and the show.

Jorge provided levity to the book and is the supportive best friend we would all love to have. I really enjoyed his dialogue and the descriptions of his fabulous outfits.

The Writing Style

Although Molly and Flick are in an angst-filled predicament, Ryan has a smooth writing style that is easy to read. The dialogue and the Las Vegas setting felt realistic.

The Pros

While the plot summary above makes it sound like this story involves cheating, let me assure you it does not. There is a good amount of heat in the book, however, and I’m not talking about the Las Vegas weather. Who doesn’t love a woman in a tool belt?

The Conclusion

Buy this book if you, like me, have spent a considerable amount of your life watching home improvement shows and dreaming of one day having your own space remodeled. Preferably by a cute woman in worn out jeans… Well, you get the idea.

Excerpt from Flipped by Caitlin Ryan

“Come out, let me see.” Molly tugged at the tight shirt to make sure her bra wasn’t showing.

“But don’t think I’ve forgotten what we were talking about,” Jorge reminded her. “Oh yeah, that is a bit tight. I don’t think I like it now I’m seeing it on. At least not for you.”

Molly nodded. “Good. I hate it.”

“Pants are good though. They fit you perfectly. Even if we don’t get an outfit, you should definitely grab them. Maybe you can wear them on set. Though poor Flick might cut off a finger.”

“What do you mean?”

Jorge laughed as Molly disappeared back into her dressing room to swap out the shirt for something else.

“Oh honey, you are so blind. That girl is so into you.”

“But she’s married.”

“Like that stops most people.”

Molly contemplated that for a moment. She was under the impression that Flick didn’t like her all that much. Could she be wrong?

“She’s always just staring at me. Not in a cute way either. In an I-wish-you-were-dead kind of way.”

Jorge laughed as Molly shimmied into something she was sure could not be interview appropriate.

She’s staring at you because she likes you. I’ve seen her at it. You both are. Like some fucked up game of statues.”

Molly groaned.

“Come on. I don’t think there are any shirts here.”

“You didn’t like the silver one?”

“Seriously? There is no way that’s a good job interview option.”

“Oh, it wasn’t meant to be.” Jorge smirked as she came out dressed in her leggings and tank.

“You sneak.”

“How’d it look?”

Molly blushed.

“Oh, we are getting you that. I think Miss Flick would be very interested in this ensemble.”

Molly blushed deeper.

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