A Flight to Love by Frankie FyreA Flight to Love by Frankie Fyre is a short second chance romance concerning abandoning the person you love, guilt, and emus.

Years before, Autumn Peterson left the woman she loved to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. Since then she has been very successful in business, but can’t shake the guilt and doubt about herself. After a quick stop in her hometown to finish a business deal, she runs into her ex and then runs away again for a week in the tropical sun. She doesn’t feel worthy enough to even think of trying again.

Emus and tik tok have made Calissa Roberts an internet sensation, but even she needs time off now and then so she leaves the farm in capable hands and drives off to the airport with her sister Bear to fly away for a few days. It doesn’t take long for a sudden snowstorm to shut everything down, and now she finds herself stuck at the airport with Autumn. She has forgiven her long ago, so how can she persuade Autumn to forgive herself?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

This short piece is about coming to terms with things you’ve done in the past that continue to haunt, even if everyone else has moved on. Calissa is a very likeable, easygoing woman who has moved on with her life and built her own joy with the emu farm she runs with her sister Bear. The story is a lesson in not wallowing in old hurts, making it a good holiday parable about love and forgiveness.  Her forgiveness allows her the emotional room to woo Autumn all over again, and I was rooting for her the whole time.

Along the way we also watch the super antagonistic romance that brews between Bear and Autumn’s best friend and business partner Janessa. Those two are a hoot and a story about them would be fun. It would be especially fun considering how hot it can get at times. Autumn and Clarissa’s make up sex is every bit as fun as the emotional growth and rekindled romance.

Both characters narrate in first person, which of course confused me a few times because I’m easily confused that way. But the women really aren’t that alike, except for being in love and being cool with going with the flow. There are also a fair number of southern pithy sayings that made me laugh a few times.

Cons And Heads Up

The author includes a list of heads up at the beginning of the story, containing “loss of a sister”, and a bigoted e-mail.

The Conclusion

A fun, quick read with some sweet romantic wooing by Clarissa and a thawing of self-imposed punishment by Autumn makes this a nice holiday story. The airport made for a much more interesting place to be stranded in than I would have thought, and Biscuit the diapered bird is one of the cutest pets ever. The enemies to lovers side story between Bear and Janessa is a definite bonus.

Excerpt from A Flight to Love by Frankie Fyre

Calissa excuses herself to freshen up, with the promise of a tour, and disappears down the hallway, leaving me to break up the inevitable cat fight.

Ten minutes of awkward but blissful quiet end when Janessa’s nerves get the best of her, enabling her to speak about a wellness retreat center within driving distance of Asheville.

Bear raises a brow. “A silent retreat? That sounds about as fun as shoveling dog shit with a toothpick.”

“Good thing no one asked you. What kind of name is Bear, anyway?” Janessa flares her nostrils in my direction and grumbles, “I don’t like her vibe.”

And I don’t appreciate being in the middle of whatever this is. I sip my sweet tea in silence.

“If you wanted my government name, all you had to do was ask.” Bear pins Janessa with a pointed look. “It’s Zara.”

“That a pretty name for an asshat.” Janessa’s overt stare wanders down, and up Bear’s well-built frame. “Why do people call you Bear?”

Bear crosses her arms over her chest, and twists her torso toward me. “Does she always talk this much?”

Without missing a beat, I purse my lips and nod. “Yes, but I trust her with my life.” Loyalty. A language I know Bear understands. I can sense Janessa’s silly grin pointing in my direction. To be fair, it’s nothing I haven’t told her before.

“I need to use the restroom,” I say and set my empty glass in the sink. Sometimes white lies are necessary to retain one’s sanity.

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