Everybody Needs a Hero by KC LuckEverybody Needs a Hero by KC Luck is a two couple romance set during natural disasters on the California coast.

Sweet Ashley Landish owns and runs a coffee shop on famous Venice Beach. It’s her dream job, unlike her mom Tess’s career as a superstar movie actress. The women are very close and even look more like sisters than mother and daughter. Ashley’s world is transformed one day when a woman she thought long gone shows up at a very opportune moment.

U.S. Marine Bryce Cooper had only intended to stop at the coffee shop to see if her college crush would recognize her after all these years. She has never stopped thinking of the beautiful and sweet natured woman, and vows this time not to let doubt stop her from saying exactly how she feels.

Drew Anderson spent ten years writing a best selling romance novel while working as an ER nurse. A sudden change in lead actresses in the movie adaptation has her seeing red and determined to keep superstar Tess Landish from ruining the film. She feels Tess is just not right for the role, but can’t deny the woman is talented and nice and makes her feel things she’s never felt before.

Natural disasters throw the women into dangerous situations and they must work together to survive and help others along the way. All of them are heroes in their own way, even in matters of the heart.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

The author writes books that are difficult to characterize. Yes, there is always action and adventure and sometimes the end of the world as we know it. Their differences make the books very interesting and this book is no exception. End of the world or disaster stories often showcase the absolute worst of humanity alongside the best. One thing I like about this author and this book is that, while there are bad people or people who do bad things while panicked, they aren’t over the top evil.

There are two couples at the center of the story, and both of them are well matched and easy to root for. One is a slow burn and the other a rekindling of a sort. Since all of the main characters are easy to like people it’s fun to watch their coming together.

A reader might think two romances in one book is too many characters, but they are so different it’s easy to root for both couples. There are a lot of characters overall, but they play their part and go their separate ways. The author focuses most of her book on the four women navigating danger and unexpected attraction in a difficult time.

Cons And Heads Up

Some of the action is nail biting. There are physical threats, either from other people or from natural disaster.

The Conclusion

Natural disasters are the setting for two couples finding each other or rediscovering a long lost affection. While not the end of the world, the women are put in some dangerous spots and must become a hero to save themselves and others.

All the women are easy to like and two romances is not one too many. There are a lot of characters in the book but the focus is on the four women falling in love. The disasters are scary and showcase heroic actions as well as not so grand actions.

Excerpt from Everybody Needs a Hero by KC Luck

“Everything was scary for a few minutes, but the whole thing turned out fine.” She laughed. “The little girl I told you about, Kelly, asked Bryce if she was a superhero. It was adorable.”

Tilting her head, Tess took a moment to look at Ashley’s face. She glowed whenever she mentioned her friend. I’ve never seen her like this over someone, she thought, even more confused as to why the woman’s name had never come up.

Ashley went back to eating her salad before glancing up meeting Tess’s eye. “What?”

Tess shrugged as the fresh bread, and her daughter’s glass of wine arrived. Grabbing a piece of the warm bread, she knifed some of the whipped garlic butter. “Honestly? I’m confused about the woman who saved the day. I know what she did was impressive, and I’m grateful she was there, but you can’t stop talking about her.”

Leaning back in the chair, Ashley wrinkled her brow. “I guess you’re right,” she said after a beat. “But when the cops finished taking our statements and left, she stayed around, and we talked until the shop got busy again.” She tilted her head as she leaned forward, looking Tess in the eye. “You know, Mom, I think we could have talked for hours if I didn’t have to focus on work.” She shook her head, going back to the food. “I really didn’t think I would ever see her again.”

Tess sipped the last of her wine. “And why not?” she asked. “She sounds special.”

Ashley nodded. “Yes,” she agreed. “She is. I guess I never let myself go there. You know how I was. Laser-focused on school, and then suddenly she was leaving, and I didn’t have a chance.”

“And now?” Tess asked with a lifted eyebrow. “Please tell me you asked for her phone number at least.”

At that, Ashley smiled, her face lighting up again. “We exchanged them,” she said. “And she said she would call me tomorrow.”

Touching her daughter’s forearm, Tess leaned closer. “Don’t wait until tomorrow,” she said. She knew from experience special people were hard to find. “Call her tonight.”

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