Drawing The Line by KD WilliamsonDrawing The Line by KD Williamson is the fourth book in the Cops and Docs Series. This second chance, enemies to lovers romance emphasizes this timeless truth—if you want to move forward in your life, you have to learn the art of forgiveness.

Dr. Dani Russell has a one track mind; her career is the beginning and end all of everything since her last relationship ended terribly and it left her emotionally bankrupt. She keeps everyone at arms-length but she showers her patients and her best friend, Rick with an unlimited supply of affection and support.

Detective Rebecca Wells is over the moon about being appointed to the Juvenile Missing Person Unit. Even though her professional life is soaring to new heights, her personal life is barren because she doesn’t have what she wants the most—Dani’s love and forgiveness. Rebecca tries to reconnect with Dani but the open-hearted and fun-loving woman she once knew has become a furious and unapproachable person.

Will Rebecca and Dani be able to forgive each other and move on with their lives? Will they be able to find the love that is deeply buried within their battered hearts or will they allow their past mistakes to keep them apart?

The Characters

Dr. Dani Russell is a pediatric resident. She goes above and beyond to ensure that her patients get the best care possible and she treats them as though they are her family members. I have so much love for Dani! There were many times where I really wished that I could have given her several huge hugs because she hurt a lot of people unintentionally and she didn’t know how to repair the damage. Dani was haunted by the deep-seated anger and the numbing pain that keep her heart hostage for years. She had to struggle with her own inner turmoil, take care of her patients, try to be supportive to her best friend and deal with a blast from her past (That’s a busload of drama right there…)

Detective Rebecca Wells works in the Juvenile Missing Person Unit. She knows how to balance her investigative skills with a gentle touch when she deals with the worried relatives of the missing people. Now, I am going to be totally honest here, I wasn’t a fan of Rebecca at first because of the things she put Dani through but I slowly warmed up to her when I realized that she took responsibility for the hurt she caused.  I am also pleased that Rebecca made a lot of positive changes in her life and she was willing to make amends to Dani.

The Writing Style

There’s no way that I could deny the fact that this story took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride. KD Williamson gave me such a vivid description of Dani and Rebecca’s turbulent interactions. I felt as though I was right in the middle of the heated arguments and the awkward moments between these headstrong women.

The Pros

I am rather fond of women in uniform and I do have a soft spot for doctors as well, so I definitely hit the jackpot with this awesome story! Dani and Rebecca share a sizzling passion that refuses to be denied (I live for stories like this!)

The Cons

I really didn’t like the scenes that portrayed Rebecca saying cruel things to Dani.

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten so attached to the characters in a novel that I refused to stop thinking about them long after I’ve read: “The End.” I can certainly say that this happened to me after I read this story. I have a serious book hangover and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget these endearing characters any time soon (Plus, I need to come up with a favorable excuse for my boss. I played hooky from work because I got so caught up in Dani and Rebecca’s world!)

Excerpt from Drawing The Line by KD Williamson

She turned and nearly tripped over her own feet. Through the curtain that covered the glass part of the door, Rebecca saw the outline of a woman. As she got closer, the outline became clearer, illuminated by the light on the porch. Rebecca pulled the curtain aside and was in no way prepared to see a wide-eyed Dani staring back at her.

Rebecca’s vision tunneled and all she could see was the light and Dani. Even though the movie blared, she couldn’t hear it. Her heart beat so loud that the sound filled her ears. Fear, the first emotion that snaked its way to her belly, was quickly followed by guilt and resignation. Everything Rebecca had done to hurt Dani, everything they’d done to each other, flashed before her. She’d done her part the past few months of their relationship to help change Dani from an open, generous person into someone apparently closed off, wary, and argumentative.

Behind her glasses, Dani’s eyes narrowed, and she pressed her lips together. Her whole face seemed to harden. “Open the door, Becca.”

Rebecca stood frozen, absorbing the moment slowly through her pores. Visually, Dani had barely changed at all. Her hair, in a messy ponytail, was longer, but it still looked just as dark and thick as it always had. She was as pale as ever, but there were spots of color high on her cheeks seeping downward. The thin line of her lips had reverted to their normal fullness.

“Open the fucking door, Becca!” Dani smacked her hand against the glass.

Those sounds together were enough to yank Rebecca from the weird world of memories she’d visited. She met Dani’s gaze and unlocked the door. Dani stormed inside as Rebecca quickly stepped out of the way, but not before she was hit by a familiar scent, Midnight Pomegranate. She savored the smell; it had stayed with her for months after she left.

Rebecca closed the door but stayed near it, putting as much distance between them as possible. Things had never been violent between them, but Rebecca knew that sometimes emotional bombardment could be more painful than a physical blow. She wanted to be as far away as possible when things started to fly.

Dani kept her back to her but her body was angled toward the television where she seemingly stared.

Rebecca cleared her throat. “Sorry, I know that’s loud.”

“Jackie Brown?”


The exchange was almost polite and totally weird. But, at the same time, it was a testament to the fact that she was in the presence of a person who knew her better than anybody, or at least she used to.

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