Contract For Love by Alison GreyContract For Love by Alison Grey is a delightful fake romance story about letting go of your past, finding joy and contentment in the simple things in life and learning a timeless truth: giving your heart to someone is one of the most important experiences you will ever have.

Sherry is a single mother who works her fingers to the bone as a waitress but she lives in a trailer park with her six-year-old son, Jake.

On the flip side of Sherry’s tough life, Madison is surrounded by opulence. She has never wanted for the finer things in life and some people would say that Madison was born with a golden spoon. Even though Madison probably has the world’s most snobbish grandmother, she spends most of her time drinking, partying and bedding women but not in any particular order, until her grandmother pays her a visit. She gives Madison a crushing ultimatum—grow up, behave like a responsible adult and quit sleeping around or she will be left out of her will. Madison is royally pissed off but she is afraid that her grandmother will really go through with her plan to disinherit her, therefore, she decides to hatch a plan of her own so that she will remain in her grandmother’s good graces.

The greatest plans have always been created with a bit of madness on the side. From the moment Madison laid eyes on Sherry, she believed that Sherry would be the perfect fake girlfriend for her. At first glance, Sherry thought Madison was insane. Will Sherry and Madison be able to convince her grandmother—Mrs. Eileen Fielding, that their relationship is real in every sense of the word? Will Madison and Sherry be able to go their separate ways after they have achieved their goal?

The Characters

Madison Fielding is the heiress of the Fielding family enterprise and fortune. She believes that it is her right to inherit everything that her grandmother currently owns because she has suffered huge losses in her childhood. I am not ashamed to say that I did not like Madison at first because of her arrogant and down-right rude disposition, however, I had a change of heart when I got to know more about her. Beneath the bossy and flippant attitude, Madison is generous, fun-loving and she has a soft spot for little children.

Sherry Miller is a single mother who is trying her best to support herself and her son by working as a waitress. My heart went out to Sherry because she worked so hard and she still had difficulties with paying her bills on time and caring for Jake. Sherry is so easy to love because she never allowed her long work hours, fatigue or poverty to bring her to her knees and she kept encouraging Jake to do well in school. I’ve gotta love a determined woman who will do everything in her power to secure her child’s future and make life better for herself as well.

Jake Miller is Sherry’s six-year-old bundle of energy. This sweet little boy is very curious and he had me chuckling for a long time over the bizarre and embarrassing questions he would ask Sherry or Madison.

The Writing Style

The author did a fabulous job of bringing the characters to life for me and I could clearly visualize each character’s nervous habits and their quirky personality traits. In addition, I felt as though Madison and Sherry were my closest friends because the author gave me a first class ticket to their hearts and minds (What a journey it has been!)

The Pros

I’m always squealing like a school girl with a sugar rush whenever I get my hands on a story with a fake romance. This one is so unique because it has an adorable little boy who stole my heart. I can’t stop smiling whenever I think about Jake!

The Cons

I felt as though some of the scenarios were a bit rushed and they should have been expanded because I wanted to get more background on some of the characters.

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

There is nothing predictable or simple about this lovely story. One goal oriented woman with money on her mind plus one hardworking and suspicious woman with a precocious little boy equals a very entertaining journey towards finding out what really matters in life. Madison and Sherry are like oil and water and I just had to shake my head at them as they struggled to control their intense feelings for each other so that they could stick to the terms and conditions of the contract. I must say that I really enjoyed watching Madison and Sherry grow into the women they were meant to be even though they squabbled with each other every step of the way.

Excerpt from Contract For Love by Alison Grey

Ms. Fielding smiled. It seemed fake like the smile people in showbiz often sported. “I’ve got a job for you. A rather unusual job, but it’s well paid.”

“Is it illegal?” She wouldn’t work as a hooker or a drug courier. Sherry would do almost anything for Jake, but she would never give him a reason to be ashamed of his mother.

“No, nothing illegal.”

Sherry regarded the woman in front of her. She wasn’t wearing makeup, and she didn’t need any to be attractive. Her unusually straight posture and her arrogant expression made her stand out in a crowd. What could a woman like her want from someone like Sherry?

As if she’d read her mind, Ms. Fielding said, “I want to hire you to play my girlfriend.”


Ms. Fielding shifted her weight. “By girlfriend, I mean fake partner.”


Some people walking by glanced over. Had she spoken too loudly?

“I’m gay.”

Somewhere during this weird conversation, Ms. Fielding had lost her. It had to be the lack of sleep or her empty stomach, the latter choosing that moment to protest once more. Sherry held her belly, but it didn’t help to silence it.

Ignoring the noise, Ms. Fielding said, “As part of the deal, you’ll get to live in a nice place, have the best medical treatment money can buy, and while you work for me, I’ll pay you… let’s say two thousand a week.”

This had to be a joke. A really bad one. “Why do you need someone to pretend to be your girlfriend?” If Ms. Fielding was serious—and as much as she tried to, she couldn’t quite believe that—why did she want Sherry for the job?

Ms. Fielding was obviously rich and good-looking. It couldn’t be that hard to find somebody better suited for this job.

Again, Ms. Fielding answered the question Sherry hadn’t voiced. “I don’t want a relationship. But it’s very important for me that…” she paused until a nurse had passed them. Stepping closer, she continued more quietly, “There is somebody in my family who has to believe that I’m in a bor… in a solid relationship. This person has to think I have a family.” At the last word, she grimaced as if she had bitten on a lemon.

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