Collide by Stephanie SheaCollide by Stephanie Shea is an enemies to lovers novella with a little side of complete misunderstanding.

Mia Stone’s life fell apart six months ago when a viral video of her fiancée kissing another woman surfaced. Now she’s guarding her heart and focusing on the company she owns with her two best friends.

Lauryn Matthews is a musician with a reputation with for sex, drugs, and boppy songs. Unfortunately, none of that is true, except the boppy songs, though she’d really like to try out some other music too. Taking some time away from the LA and New York scene, she decides to buy a house in Denver.

Lauryn is Mia’s latest client, but it’s not smooth sailing for either of them. Mia seems to hate Lauryn and Lauryn has no idea why.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

I’m always up for some enemies to lovers action, so I was excited to pick this book up, and the tension between these Mia and Lauryn did not disappoint.

For a novella there is so much depth in both of the main characters that it feels like a much longer novel. It’s a tricky balance to strike in a novella between bringing in other characters and still developing the romance as well as their backstories, but Shea did a lovely job and I’ll be going to pick up more books by her in the future.

Cons And Heads Up

There is a brief mention of one a minor character’s past alcohol addiction struggles.

A tiny gripe with this book, so much of this could have been solved with a single upfront conversation. While I understand that from a character development perspective neither were in a place to have that discussion, it’s still a thing that’s been done to death at this point. As I said, it’s a very minor issue because this is spot on for the character development and written in a very engaging way.

The Conclusion

This book is short but it packs a lot in and I really enjoyed it from start to finish. I can’t wait to read the final book in the series.

Excerpt from Collide by Stephanie Shea

“Strange thing seeing you here on a big night like this. Thought you’d be on a stage in Times Square or something.”

Lauryn chuckled. “Maybe next year.” She signaled the line with a slight bob of her head. “Think they’ll mob you if I just slip by?”

Astrid laughed. “I think we’ll manage.”

“Right. Happy New Year, Ash.”

The second bouncer pulled the door open, unleashing a blare of music, and Lauryn glanced over her shoulder to mumble a thanks when she collided with something else. A phone clattered to the floor and stopped by her boots. Half an inch away, an expensive-looking red wallet lay open with a few bills threatening to spill out. “Shit. Sorry.” She quickly picked up the phone and wallet, taking the time to close it—was that presumptuous?—before looking up at the person in front of her. Her lips parted, “Uhm,” and she stared—blatantly, helplessly stared—at the woman before catching herself. “Sorry,” she mumbled again. “I think these belong to you.” She might have handed the phone and wallet over slower than intended.

The woman smiled, her lips full in ways the word “full” didn’t begin to do justice. Plump?

“It’s fine. I think I could’ve been paying a little more attention.” She accepted her phone, her fingers brushing against Lauryn’s before she held it up. “Can’t live without them, right?”

“Guess not.” Lauryn laughed, reaching up to push the collar of her jacket down from her face and drop the hood from her head. She wasn’t sure if it was because it was warmer inside, or because suddenly, maybe she wouldn’t mind being recognized after all.

The woman’s smile faded as she took a step back, and Lauryn’s eyes inadvertently trailed her body from the gold buttons on her double-breasted wool coat to her exposed legs. She didn’t seem very tall, but the ankle strap heels on her feet easily added five inches. She was going outside, in that?

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

Lauryn met her eyes again. Darkest shade of brown, beguiling even in this lighting.

Jesus, Lo. Get a grip.   

The woman started past her. “Right when I thought this night couldn’t get any worse.”

Lauryn blinked, catching her by the elbow then immediately dropping her hand to her side. “Excuse me?”

She scoffed, eying Lauryn from head to toe. “No, Lauryn Matthews. You’re not fucking excused.”

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