Chain Reactions by Lynn AmesChain Reactions by Lynn Ames is a captivating romance novel with priceless historical nuggets embedded in it. This story is also about knowing and following your heart despite the difficult curve balls life may throw your way.

Dr. Diana Lindstrom’s most affectionate childhood memories revolve around the experiments she conducted with her loving Great-Aunt Nora by her side. Her aunt was a giant in the field of physics but she was still disowned by her family for unknown reasons.

Many years have passed since Diana last saw or spoke to her dear great-aunt but she never stopped loving her. Diana has turned her childhood dreams into reality because she is a highly respected neuroscientist. When Diana learns that her beloved great-aunt is dying, she hires a dedicated and well-recommended personal care nurse by the name of Brooke Sheldon to care for her. You don’t really know someone until they have reached the end of their lives. Diana and Brooke are getting a crash course in this lesson because they are slowly but surely learning about all of Nora’s life-long secrets and the regrets that have haunted her for decades.

Even though Nora is stuck in a frail body, her mind is sharp and nimble and she can clearly see the attraction that’s brewing between Diana and Brooke. Nora decides to give the younger women a nudge in the right direction by giving them detailed instructions to carry out in her last wishes because she wants to ensure that Diana and Brooke will take a chance on love. 

Will Diana and Brooke be able to make their love for each other a priority or will their insecurities and careers keep them apart?

The Characters

Dr. Diana Lindstrom is a neuroscientist and she’s a professor at the Columbia University in New York. After a horrible breakup, she has made her career and research the two most important things in her life. I just wanted to wrap my arms around Diana and give her a lot of love because she has faced so much rejection and abandonment. Diana is at the top of my list of fictional crushes because she is intellectually brilliant, compassionate, understanding and she is determined to go all out for the people who are dear to her heart.

Brooke Sheldon is a personal care nurse and she takes care of Nora Lindstrom. She gives a hundred percent of herself to the patients in her care and she will go above and beyond for Nora. I have a track record for falling in love with characters like Brooke because she is so easy-going, affable, hardworking and passionate in every sense of the word (huge blush!)

The Writing Style

Lynn Ames has a habit of creating outstanding novels that leave me speechless whenever I read her flawless and heartfelt writing. I felt as though I got to have my cake and eat it too because this author gave me unforgettable characters, entertaining dialogue and beautiful descriptions of the Massachusetts landscape.

The Pros

Is there anything cooler than having a great aunt who is a world renowned physicist? I don’t know about anyone else but I’m not ashamed to say that I envy Diana because I just love Aunt Nora! I always reserve a special place in my heart for stories that highlight women’s history (This story was definitely an eye-opener for me because female scientists played crucial roles in World War II and I have so much respect for these amazing women!)

The Cons

You won’t get any complaints from me!

The Conclusion

This novel is so much more than a delightful romance between two wonderful women; it is a story of love, loss and important life lessons. If you’re a huge fan of books that feature character growth, a lot of timeless truths coupled with women’s history and a meddling and well-meaning family member or two, then this story is certainly for you!

Excerpt from Chain Reactions by Lynn Ames

Diana sat back. Brooke was a lesbian. She’d confirmed it to Aunt Nora. Brooke definitely was a lesbian. “Huh.”

“What was that, dear?”

She hadn’t realized she’d uttered that out loud. “That explains why she shot out of here like her hair was on fire. You put her through an inquisition.”

Nora laughed. “I told you it was something I said.”

“You did.” She couldn’t fault her for that. She frowned, thinking about how uncomfortable Brooke had been earlier.

“Oh, stop worrying so much. She’ll be fine.”

“Am I that transparent?”

“Yep. Written all over your face.”

She jumped up to pace. “I didn’t know Brooke was a lesbian, to answer your question.” She pivoted and walked in the other direction. “I don’t think that was such a good idea, Aunt Nora. What if you offended or embarrassed her?”

“What if I didn’t?”

She reversed direction again. “I don’t know. She sure seemed uncomfortable to me.”

“Stop fretting.”

“Easy for you to say. You do remember that she’s your primary caregiver, right?”

“I do. Please, Diana. Sit back down. You’re making me dizzy.”

Reluctantly, she did as she was told.

“She’s really quite fetching, don’t you think?” Nora finally asked.

“What?” Diana felt her face flush again. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t? I have a hard time believing that. You have eyes, don’t you?”

She tried to hold onto a thought as hundreds of them flitted through her mind. “Did you tell her you were…”

“Like you two? Heavens, no.”

“Did you tell her I was?”

“No. Though I do think you should ask her out.”

“I should…”

“Ask her out on a date. She’s single, you know.”

She held her head in her hands. This couldn’t be happening. She wasn’t having this discussion with her hundred-year-old great aunt. “Aunt Nora…”

“What, dear? She’s single. You’re single. She’s a looker and a catch. Such a lovely woman. I think you’d make the perfect, dashing couple.”

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