Broken Parts Included by Alyson RootBroken Parts Included by Alyson Root is a beautiful story about healing, honesty, and hope.

Lydia Archer has been struggling with her health for years. Despite constant pain and dismissive doctors, she finds solace in her beloved pup Monty while wishing the love of a lifetime would find her. Her sister’s best friend Halle saves her health and possibly her heart.

However, the unexpected arrival of love threatens to disrupt everything. As a friendship blossoms between Lydia and Halle, Lydia’s sister Fe grapples with her own emotions. The story is a tale of healing and love, reminding us that sometimes both can be found in unexpected places. Lydia’s journey is one of resilience, family, self-discovery, and the promise that true love accepts us for the whole, even broken parts.


Alyson Root has quickly become one of my favorite sapphic romance authors. Each story is unique with engaging plots, well-developed characters, and charming dialogue. She doesn’t shy away from the hard stuff and with Broken Parts Included, Root has shed light on two extremely important topics that many people can relate to: being dismissed by a medical professional and body dysmorphia. These topics are expertly handled with care and so much attention to detail. While the topics are heavy, there is a lightness surrounding them so as not to get bogged down in the negative. Alyson Root’s additions of bits of humor throughout the story help to balance out the heaviness surrounding Lydia’s circumstances, which I very much appreciate.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

Lydia has been suffering for years both physically and emotionally. Her doctor gives her the runaround at each appointment, giving her more medications instead of running necessary scans. I’ve been where Lydia was and it’s awful to be gaslit by medical personnel who are supposed to have your best interests at heart. If I hadn’t advocated for myself, things could have spiraled for me just like they did for Lydia. Fortunately, Halle, Lydia’s sister Fe’s best friend stepped up, jumped in, and attended an appointment with Lydia. Halle’s interference allowed Lydia to see a new doctor who immediately took her complaints seriously and took the exact action that Lydia needed. Lydia got her life back!

The progression of this book is quite impressive. As I reflect on all of the events it’s almost like darkness enshrouded the beginning as Lydia’s pain and suffering affected her life. As the book progressed, the darkness lessened as sunlight slowly streamed in until a brilliant bright light illuminated everything. It reminds me of the Gloria Estefan hit, Coming Out of the Dark!

As Lydia’s world brightens so do her hopes and dreams. She breaks from the shackles keeping her chained and welcomes trying new things! She stood up for herself in several key areas of her life as I stood on the sidelines cheering her on. Lydia also allows herself to acknowledge the long-dormant feelings she’s had for Halle for years. And Halle…she’s such a lovely human being. Her devotion to Lydia is apparent in her words and actions. Her unwavering support and compassion allow Lydia to verbalize her feelings about her body. Body dysmorphia is real and can be crippling. I appreciate Alyson Root taking such care in creating a character who struggles with this and how a supportive partner can do little things to help.

I also found the added plot points surrounding Lydia’s sister, Fe to add another dimension to the overall story. Her relationship with both Lydia and Halle is an essential piece of the story and the growth and development she experiences throughout the story is another bright spot.

Heads Up

Medical gaslighting by a medical professional and body dysmorphia are topics in this story.

The Conclusion

Broken Parts Included is a wonderful story about acceptance, vulnerability, generosity, and compassion. It has a lot of deeply emotional elements that are perfectly balanced with bits of humor and sarcasm. Alyson Root does a wonderful job highlighting the vital topics of health and wellness, body dysmorphia, and self-care entwined with a beautiful romance between two women who are meant to be together. Bravo Alyson! Thank you for another amazing read!

Excerpt from Broken Parts Included by Alyson Root

Laughing, Lydia shuffled out, closing the door behind her. Halle smelled great. Was that a new perfume? In all honesty, it was rare for Halle and Lydia to spend time alone together. Halle was Fe’s best friend growing up, and on a few occasions, Fe made it clear to her annoying little sister that she wasn’t to get too cosy. No one liked a third wheel. To Lydia’s 13-year-old self, those words had cut deeply, and made her take a step back from interfering.

As they grew into adults, Lydia, and Fe grew much closer, but Lydia never tried to cosy up to Halle. Fe’s stern warning all those years ago still lingering at the back of her mind.

“The taxi should be here any minute,” Halle commented. Lydia smiled, taking a second to cast her gaze over Halle. At nearly five-foot-nine, Halle towered over Lydia, just like Fe. Somehow Lydia had inherited all the shortcomings in her family. Squat, on the heavier side, reproductively and hormonally challenged. Fe got the height, the slim build, same colour hair, and creamy skin sans imperfections.

Halle inherited her height and beauty from her mum. Lydia had met Mrs. Cartwright once a few years ago. Halle and her mum were freakishly similar in nearly all aspects of their lives. They both worked in physiotherapy. Both had shortish black hair and clear copper skin. Halle had a tighter body because of all the swimming she did, but even then, Mrs. Cartwright wasn’t too far behind. Yoga paid off. Had Lydia spent a little too much time thinking about Halle and Mrs. Cartwright? Yes, and she wasn’t going to over analyse it. Halle was hot, and her mum was too.

“You look nice.” It wasn’t a fib. Halle looked great in tight black jeans and a red tank top.

“Thanks, I was going for uber lesbian. Did I get it right?”

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