Avalanche by Stephanie SheaAvalanche by Stephanie Shea is a second-chance, friends-to-lovers romance novelette.

Drew Dimitrov is a model who’s about to sit for her first nude photoshoot. She’s excited because it’ll give her a chance to reconnect with her former best friend, Blake, who’s a popular fashion photographer.

Blake doesn’t want to photograph Drew (especially nude), because she’s finally over her, after five years apart. Blake had been head over heels for Drew, and it almost killed Blake to watch her marry a man.

But Drew’s marriage isn’t all that it appears. Can Blake open her heart to loving Drew again?

The Characters

Because this is a novelette, we don’t have a chance to get to know Blake or Drew very well. However, I found them to be interesting and compelling, and I was invested in learning whether they would have a believable happily ever after.

The Writing Style

For a shorter romance, this one packs a punch. There’s quite a bit of angst, since Drew is excited to rekindle their friendship and Blake doesn’t want that at all. The chapters are quite short and paced well, so things move along quickly. However, if it had been a bit longer and the story had had more room to breathe, I think this would have been phenomenal.

The Pros

Blake and Drew were my favourite part of the story, especially seeing how they work out their past so they can create a relationship together in the present.

The Cons

Like I mentioned above, the story could have been a little longer to give it that space to breathe and let things feel more complete.

The Conclusion

I enjoyed the story. If you’re looking for a romance that’s on the shorter side, I recommend it. Especially if you like second-chance romances or stories about friends becoming lovers.

Excerpt from Avalanche by Stephanie Shea

A buzz resonates through the apartment.

Blake’s brows furrow. She questions who it may be then redirects her attention to her laptop and starts importing the images from her last shoot. Nobody is home.

The buzz echoes again.



“Jesus fucking Christ.” She pushes her chair back from the desk, and storms out into the living room, toward the entry way. When she gets to the door, she stops and pushes a button on the small monitor mounted on the adjacent wall. Her eyes narrow at the person on the other side. It’s like there’s something in her chest that processes before brain does, the way it clenches, shifting the pace of her breaths almost instantly. Her head is spinning. She’s sure this is a dream.

The doorbell buzzes again.

Drew looks up into the camera, face all made up from lashes to lips, but her eyes are still the purest green Blake has ever seen. Something between dewy blades of grass at sunrise and the darkest forests. Smiling, even when her lips aren’t.

Blake closes her eyes and drags in a breath. The handle of the door is in her grip. She hesitates… as if she’s going to do anything but let Drew in. As if she hasn’t already.

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