10 Lesbian Fiction Women Who Will Kick Your Ass: Podcast

In this episode Sheena is Joined by Brooklyn to talk about 10 lesbian fiction women who will kick your ass.

We love reading action, adventures and other books with awesome heroines who can get some serious stuff done. So we decided to go through some of our favourite kick ass characters.

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Books we talk about

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Sheena’s List

Ruby from The Only Way by Jamie Sullivan

Jack from Depths Of Blue by Lise MacTague

Olivia from Tricky Wisdom/Tricky Chances by Camryn Eyde

Kade from Prayer Of The Handmaiden by Merry Shannon

Brooklyn’s List

Afra from Sword Of The Gladiatrix by Faith L Justice

Tallon from Sword Of The Guardian by Merry Shannon

Casey and Pax from Rabbits Of The Apocalypse by Benny Lawrence

Sangfroyd from The Tea Machine by Gill McKnight

Requiem from Requiem For Immortals by Lee Winter


Seven from Sharpshooter by Leslie Murray

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