Wedding Balloon, A Sapphic Novella by Alexi Venice: Listing

√ Sapphic Novella
√ Romance
√ Part of a series but can be read as a standalone
√ A perfect way to sample The San Francisco Mystery Series
√ A wedding with action, adventure, and a touch of fantasy

The eagerly anticipated day has arrived for Dr. Jen Dawson and Agent Amanda Hathorne to exchange wedding vows at a breathtaking destination on the California coast. Best friends and soulmates, Jen and Amanda have triumphed over a myriad of obstacles, ranging from an unexpected pregnancy to the perils of Amanda’s dangerous, all-consuming career.

Despite the lingering drama and trauma from their recent missions—Jen’s valiant efforts in the hospital during a bioterror attack and Amanda’s covert mission with Roxy and Tommy—they are determined to create a jubilant, romantic, and unforgettable wedding weekend.

Perched on a cliff above Rainbow Beach, the idyllic wedding site is adorned with a magnificent wedding arch, fresh flowers, and a satin runner strewn with rose petals. Cherished family and friends have gathered to witness Jen and Amanda’s love for each other, and on the surface, everything appears to be going according to plan.

However, a cloud of unease shrouds Amanda as struggles with bizarre visions and ominous premonitions that make her question her own sanity. Despite her unwavering love for Jen and the desire to seal their commitment, her newly-acquired powers of perception are feeding her information that is overwhelming, threatening to throw her off her game.

Meanwhile, Tommy grapples with life-altering news but is reluctant to share it with Jen and Amanda for fear his situation might dampen the celebratory atmosphere. Compounded by his internal struggle over whether to join Amanda at Central Missions, a covert CIA division, he is at a personal and professional crossroads.

As the wedding weekend unfolds, unforeseen forces conspire to break the iron-clad bond forged by Jen, Amanda, and Tommy in both their co-parenting roles and careers. The wedding weekend will no doubt be unforgettable, but will they survive it?

Title: Wedding Balloon, A Sapphic Novella

Author: Alexi Venice

Release date: 7 February 2024

Publisher: Palmer Publishing

Genre and Tropes: Wedding, humor, action & adventure

Series: The San Francisco Mystery Series

Available on KU: Yes


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Will Amanda and Jen survive their wedding weekend?

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