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‘On the outside looking in,’ once perfectly described Temperance Worrington’s life until she met and fell in love with Rania Karam and Antoinette Joseph, a married couple who lives next door to Tempe’s grandmother.

Although none of them believes in a ‘price for happiness,’ their lives are forever altered on a stormy August morning when an accident portends to shatter their carefully crafted togetherness.

The aftermath of this unexpected crash threatens to tear them apart as they each face and battle their greatest demons. Along the way, we learn how their love story came to be and discover what they stand to lose as they try to overcome the various troubles life throws at them.

The Homecoming is the final installment of the contemporary romance series Constellation, wherein we see three women grapple with forces seeking to tear them apart.


Title: The Homecoming

Author: Sabrina Blaum

Release date: 20 November 2023

Publisher: Indie Author

Genre and Tropes: menage / polyamory, wounded, against all odds, age gap, dual time line, family relationships, femme/femme, found family, interracial relationship, married, mature lead (40+) high heat

Series: Constellation

Available on KU: Yes


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Three is the perfect number to face life’s challenges.


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