Reviewed by Gun Rosewell

Who am I?
Gun Roswell is my name, residing in the fine city of Espoo in the Scandinavian land of Finland. Enjoying life as we know it and yes there is life beyond the world wide web, or so I have heard!

What have I done?
I have been a tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, a bum and a lamb. Well, maybe really not all of those, but at least a DJ, a customer quack, some kind of salesperson and a duck (yes you read it right!) and now?

I am currently acting as a blogger (short humorous tales and poetry), dabbling in fan fiction and writing books (ready and waiting to be probed, polished and published). I am also a pix snapper, video doodler. During the day, I totally pretend to be an IT expert and I have gotten away with it for the last twenty plus years too.

My passion (more like an obsession these days) is to write, write and write some more. And maybe snap a few photos in the process. Oh, and I love all animals, aliens and humans and save the world and all the basic miss congeniality kind of stuff of course.

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