SwanQueen Fake Relationship FanFicTemporary Distractions by amycarey is the Classic SwanQueen Fake Relationship FanFic that starts off as a story of spiting the man who scorned you, and ends with falling in love with the woman you are pretending to be in a relationship with.

This is the story of two mothers who are raising a son together, who fight all the time and the line between their fights and flirting is almost non-existent.

Former Mayor Regina Mills has just been jilted by her “soulmate” Robin Hood, whose thought deceased wife is brought back to his life by Sherif Emma Swan. As Regina grieves for the failure of yet another romance, she also seethes at the dashing Sherif’s involvement in said failure. So when patronizing and smarmy Robin Hood implies that Regina could never get over what they once had as “soulmates”, the former Queen calls in the favor the Sherif owes her for ruining her relationship with the thief.

The pair manage to be quite successful in selling their fake relationship at the beginning, until complications arise and lies begin to stack up. Trying to convince Robin Hood that they are a couple in the throes of passion is a walk in the park in comparison to trying to convince Henry that they are not. A series of hilarious events and some not so well thought out operations conducted by Henry ensues. If that wasn’t enough of a treat you also get every other fake relationship trope: sharing the bed, pretend sex in the shower, the benevolent and over the top supporting Mother-In-Law, Snow White.

With the whole town rooting for them, including their scheming son, and the weirdly supportive Snow White, will Regina and Emma trust in their nascent feelings and consider turning their fauxmance into a full bloom love story?


The story is full of charming and beloved tropes, from enemies to lovers, to bed sharing, being afraid to love and being actively pushed together by everyone around.

Henry and his gauche scheming only adds to the wholesomeness of the pretend relationship.

Amycarey is well-known in the Once Upon A Time fandom for their great storytelling and distinctive voice.

The story is slightly over 25,000 words, but it manages to masterfully convey the full-blown SwanQueen experience, from angst to pinning to love.

I enjoyed that the author does what a lot of women watching OUAT wanted to do –  puts the unnecessary male character firmly in his place with grace and poise without making him the villain.


There are no trigger warnings, nor any major cons. Unless you count Snow White being obnoxious, but that is par for the course for OUAT.


If you’re in the market for a sweet and wholesome SwanQueen fake romance story, Temporary Distractions is for you. This fandom is rife with fauxmance fanfiction, but very few manage to convey the depth of the characters, be faithful to their canon selves and deliver the classic pinning that is so characteristic for this ship.

Excerpt from Temporary Distractions

“There’s no need to be concerned, Robin,” Regina says, speaking loudly and enunciating every word and Emma’s totally, definitely not eavesdropping, holding a menu like she doesn’t know exactly what she wants and watching Regina out of the corner of her eye. “I’ve found happiness somewhere else. Somewhere surprising.” Emma’s stomach heaves at these words and probably she should question why Regina finding happiness with someone else horrifies her so much but there’s no time because Robin responds.

“Who with?” he demands. “We’re soul mates, Regina. That doesn’t just go away.” Emma kind of wants to punch him in his smarmy face. Apparently it’s okay that his happiness is elsewhere, but not Regina’s. Asshole.

“I will not be the other woman while you work out your life,” Regina says. “And I will not break up a family.” Her lips curve into a smirk, menacing and sharp, her lipstick too bright and slashed across her mouth like blood. “And in answer to your question, with her.” She jerks her head towards Emma who has never been more grateful for the menu obscuring part of her face.

“The Swan girl?” Robin’s dubious.

“That’s Sheriff Swan to you,” Emma says coolly, giving up the pretence that she’s not listening in.

“Ah, Emma,” Regina purrs and Emma feels that hot, red flush spread across her cheeks and as though hypnotised, she moves forward. Regina holds out her hand and Emma takes it, feeling her skin soft and cold beneath her palm. “I know we said we would keep this a secret, dear, but I just couldn’t hold it in any longer.”

“Yeah,” Emma says, the roof of her mouth dry. “Secret. No one knows.”

“Aren’t you with Hook?” Robin asks, lip curled. She doesn’t understand this animosity towards her; she brought his damn wife back.

“No,” Emma says, curt, and Regina grins, teeth bared, predatory and possessive.

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Bits And Bobs

Fandom: SwanQueen, OUAT

Length: 25,195

Author: amycarey

Photo Credit:Gage Skidmore

Rating: M

Rating Guide:  G= General, T = Teen and up, M=Mature, E = explicit

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