Rae D Magdon Gets Interviewed: Podcast

Rae D Magdon Gets Interviewed by Sheena in this episode of  The Lesbian Review Podcast. Magdon talks about her work as an author and 3 books that she loves.

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Sheena asks Rae:

  • what motivates you what demotivates you
  • how often do you write and for how long
  • how many books are you writing every year
  • what is the most important lesson/tip that you can share with other authors
  • where can listeners find you online

Books we talk about

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Lucky Seven by Rae D Magdon

Two Moons Stories by Krystal A Smith

Possessing Morgan by Erica Lawson

Veritas MJ Duncan

Second Chances by MJ Duncan

About Rae D Magdon

She is a writer of queer and lesbian fiction. She believes everyone deserves to see themselves fall in love and become a hero: especially lesbians, bisexual women, trans women, and women of color. She has published over eleven novels through Desert Palm Press, spanning a wide variety of genres.

She is the recipient of a 2016 Rainbow Award (Fantasy/Sci-Fi) and a twice-nominated GCLA finalist (Fantasy/Sci-Fi). In addition to her novels and short stories, she writes a sapphic supernatural mystery podcast: Room 13. When she isn’t working on original projects, she spends her time writing fanfiction.

Rae D Magdon online



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