Nights at the Majestic by Kit Eyre is a contemporary, age gap, toaster oven, rich girl/poor girl romance.

The Majestic may be old and run down but it becomes a safe haven for Eve Thomas on the nights the owner plays old movies for select patrons after hours. Still grieving the loss of her wife, it comforts her to be around others who love old movies. She just wants to sit alone in the dark and try to forget for a little while.

Lizzie didn’t mean to stay late, but an explosive tap in the loo makes her the last person out of the theatre, or so she thought. Drawn by the unexpected sounds of a late movie, she sits down just in time to become part of a violent robbery. She is impressed by a posh woman’s bravery, and then drawn by her obvious sadness.

The women become friends despite dangers both internal and external, from police ineptness to threats of violence and even the loss of the Majestic.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

The bravery and resilience of Eve and Lizzie in the face of many obstacles, including their own internal and external demons, make both women very easy to root for. I was surprised that the toaster oven aspect of the story carried probably the least angst of the issues they faced. The author maintained an ongoing feeling of something being off kilter, beyond the issues of the two falling in love. They may not have been immediately attracted to each other, but the course of events cemented a mutual feeling of deep respect.

Ex spouses play a major role for both women, exerting a lot of negative influence for a lot longer than I expected. Eve must finally become comfortable with her power, after so many years of taking a back seat and playing a supporting role. It was great to see that growth, and know that she understood how much of it was due to Lizzie’s faith in her. Lizzie is tough but sweet, and world wise enough to be a helper to Eve. Neither is a damsel in distress, but their strengths complement beautifully.

I liked how well the author deals with the vast difference in social standing of the characters. Neither of them were over the top insistent upon the other accepting either how rich or poor the other is. Instead, they settled into learning about each other as a person without making grand efforts to change them. For me it made the romance aspect even stronger, because it was about the person more than how well off they are or are not.

Cons And Heads Up

There is physical violence and the threat of physical violence, issues of infidelity, and socially directed bias against poor people.

The Conclusion

It’s easy to root for two women who are thrown together by circumstances as they become friends, trusted allies and finally lovers. Eve is still reeling from the sudden loss of her wife, and coming to terms with how her life is changed plus a growing attraction for a woman so entirely different from anyone she’s ever known. Lizzie is immediately impressed by Eve’s courage and drawn to the sadness that seems to permeate her life. They must brave threats from several fronts as Eve learns to love again and Lizzie learns of a love she’s never experienced before.

Excerpt from Nights at the Majestic by Kit Eyre

“Get out your money,” the man said. “And jewellery and – and phones, anything like that you’ve got.”

“Not on your life,” the elderly woman snapped.

“You’ve not got long left of yours,” he growled.

Out of sight, Lizzie pressed her knees together. She knew the voice, even if she was wishing she didn’t. And if that was who she thought it was then the other guy… Keeping her attention away from him, she focused on what the old woman was saying.

“You think you’re going to do over all of us, do you? With your little torch. You know what they say about men who need something to wave around –“

“Beryl,” the man beside her hissed as he unfastened his watch. “Just do as they say.”

“Not until they tell me where my Jamie is. That’s what I want to know. They’ll have to get through me otherwise, I’ll not be letting them past to the lot of you.”

Lizzie watched as the second man leaned towards his mate to whisper, “We haven’t got time for this. If the lights are back on, that probably means someone’s called the coppers.”

Her stomach coiled at the voice, but she damped that down and focused on whether his mate was going to listen to what he was saying. It looked like Beryl had riled him up though. He stamped down the aisle, raising his torch past his shoulder. Before he got near the front, though, the younger woman jumped out of her seat and glided between him and the pensioners.

The robber snickered. “Yeah, and what are you doing?”

“You’re not taking anything from them,” the woman said.

“Whatever. I’ll have that necklace for a start. Come here, I’ll get it off you myself.”

“You just try,” she retorted.

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