Mistaken Identity by Donna JayMistaken Identity by Donna Jay is an erotic romance with an age gap, a little mystery and a touch of kink set in beautiful New Zealand.  It is also a book about the importance of accepting yourself and surrounding yourself with others who accept you for who you are.

Kelly is a content barista in a relationship with Paula, an older, successful businesswoman.  Unfortunately, Paula also happens to be controlling and frequently mocks Kelly for her status, behaviour and sexual desires.  However, Kelly maintains hope that she will be able to change Paula’s attitude, especially in relation to her sexual desires.

At one of Paula’s many illustrious parties, Kelly entices her to steal away from her guests for some quick fun.  Deciding this is a perfect opportunity to act out some of her Dominant tendencies, Kelly slips into Paula’s room under the cover of darkness and proceeds to have an incredibly hot encounter with Paula.  At least, that is who she thinks it is.  Kelly’s world is completely rocked when she realizes she has just slept with a stranger.  Little does she know that the encounter is a delicious twist of fate that will change her life forever.

The Characters

You can’t help but like Kelly!  I was instantly drawn to her honesty, loyalty to her friends and employer, and her down to earth personality.  She is also a little feisty and rides a motorcycle, which when combined with the rest of her traits, made her entirely swoon worthy in my books. 

It was frustrating to see the way she was treated by Paula and her friends which made it that much more enjoyable when she ultimately gets her happily ever after.  It was also heartbreaking watching her wrestle with the guilt over what occurred at Paula’s party and her sincere inner turmoil and remorse over it made me love her character that much more.

I am not going to say too much about the ‘mystery woman’ that Kelly mistakenly sleeps with lest I spoil the surprise.  I will say that she is also wonderfully likable and the perfect partner for Kelly.  I loved watching the progression of their physical and emotional relationship as they explored each other’s desires.   The chemistry between them was hot and the relationship was endearing.

The Writing Style

This is a steamy and enjoyable story with a bit of mystery, a bit of humour and a bit of light BDSM.  Even though it does not have an overly complicated plot, and it requires a certain suspension of belief in parts, there is sufficient mystery, conflict and witty dialogue to keep you interested.  And of course, when you add the spicy sex scenes, the book definitely keeps you peaked.  Err, your interest peaked that is!

There is also a great deal of exploration of the consent, communication and respect that is required for this type of relationship to be successful.  What I really enjoyed is that it is not done in overly heavy-handed manner, rather it is woven nicely into the dialogue.

The Pros

This book grabs hold of you right away with the shocking events of Paula’s party and then keeps you rapt as the mystery surrounding who the woman Kelly ended up in bed with unfolds.  And then, once the mystery is solved, you can’t tear yourself away from the combination of sweet romance and fiery heat between Kelly and the ‘mystery woman’ in the remainder of the story.

The story is also a great introduction to some light, fun and steamy BDSM.  I do want to add the caveat that personally, I felt the MCs fell into their Dominant and submissive roles a little too quickly.  For me, this type of relationship requires a greater buildup of trust.  But on the whole, it is a great representation of how an open, healthy and loving Domme/sub relationship can look. 

The Cons

There are some topics in this book that merit mention caution.  The initial sexual encounter between Kelly and the mystery woman raises the subjects of cheating and consent.  While the cheating is not intentional, it does occur and while there is a grey area initially regarding whether there was consent in the encounter, once we hear the ‘mystery woman’s’ point of view, we learn she chose not to stop the encounter.  Just something to keep in mind if these topics are not for you.

The Conclusion

Overall this book is a wonderful combination of sweet and heat.  Reading it is like drinking a honey spiced latte, warm and comforting with the perfect combination of sweetness and spiciness to excite your taste buds without overwhelming them.

Excerpt from Mistaken Identity by Donna Jay

“I need to go to the bathroom.”  She pulled the panties out of Paula’s mouth, kissed her on the lips, and headed for the bedroom door.

“Wow.  Am I dreaming?”  Paula asked, her husky voice barely recognizable.

On the other side of the bedroom door, Kelly felt like she’d stepped out of a dream and into a nightmare.

Horrified, she stood frozen to the spot, mouth open.

“Hey, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.”  Paula eyed her curiously.

Paula?  Kelly’s head spun.  Her vision blurred.  If Paula was standing there looking at her with concern in her eyes, who the hell was in the bedroom?

Well, shit.

Mortified, Kelly trembled.  Her stomach lurched.  “Look out.”  She pushed passed Paula, shot into the bathroom, and made it to the toilet just before the contents of her stomach made a reappearance; beer, a shot of tequila, chips and dip.  Yuck.

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